May 23, 2017

House Beautiful: At Home With Disha

I bring to you a refreshing Pune home filled with amazing DIYs and cosy corners carefully done up to perfection. The lovely home of Disha. This beautiful place reflects her passion for decor and design. And her blog is aptly called  Design, Decor and Disha

The blogging journey has helped me make wonderful friends and Disha is among them. A self taught artist who have been featured among the most popular bloggers around the globe.

Few of the media mentions: 

She has recently started writing for the Tribune. Such an honour to know her. On to the pictures of her beautiful home and a chat with this sweet human being. 

A little about your abode
It's 1125 sq ft well lit and airy apartment

Decor and Style inspirations
I don't stick to a particular style of decorating. I love to mix and match and hence I call it my own style of decorating. I am decor enthusiast and love everything that is aesthetically pleasing. I like my home to be unique to me it is a place that has been evolving with my decor aesthetics each passing day. I put my heart and soul to decorate my home and totally love the fact that it looks lived in and not like the designer homes that we see in magazines. 

Living room

Favorite room or corner in the house
My favorite space in my home is my work-space. It's a place where new ideas are born and creative juices flow. I spend hours painting, writing, creating stuff and reading here. I have decorated this space with some of my favourite and close to my heart accessories. My home studio is full of positivity and warmth. For me, it is a little piece of heaven.

Your favourite piece of furniture or accessory
My favourite piece of furniture is the magnificent dresser that I totally adore for its size, color, beautiful patterns and sleek design. It has sufficient storage space and houses a vanity stool too. Dresser top is quite wide that makes it a versatile piece of furniture.

Proudest DIY (I know you have many :))
No artefact in the world can equate the charm and satisfaction that a handmade stuff brings and hence I love to create stuff especially to adorn my abode. Most of the decor accessories in my home are handmade and handpainted and I love all my DIYs. I create the stuff with equal enthusiasm and love so choosing one out of so many would be really hard for me.

the wall mural 

Favourite shopping (for design and decor) destinations
I don't shop often instead I create stuff myself. But if I find something extraordinary that can not be created then I go ahead and bring it home. I love to shop at Dastkari haat, flea markets, @Home and antique stores.

Priced possession(s)
Recently I have created an Indian art gallery wall in my living room. I have created around eight different Indian art forms like mud-mirror work of Rajasthan, Madhubani painting of Bihar, Mural of Kerala, Warli of Maharashtra, Bengal painting of West Bengal, Gond of MP, Pattachitra of Odisha, Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh while Tanjore of Tamilnadu and Ganjifa card of Mysore are gifted to me by dear friends. So this wall in my living room that depicts rich cultural heritage of India is definitely my prized possession.

That's simply amazing :)

Anything you would add or change in design(layout) or decor
I just hate the sofa in my living room though it is a teak wood sofa and I recently gave it a makeover then too I just don't like the look of it. I wish I could buy a new one but because we keep moving from one city to another after every few years the idea doesn't seem feasible.

Your secret mantra and tips for a cosy home
Keep your home clean and de-cluttered. Don't follow the rules instead, make your own so that your home reflects your personality. A home should be decorated in a way that it should never allow the eye to settle in one place. So add lots of character and drama with accessories. Put your soul into it and stamp it with your personality.

Balcony Garden space

A peek into the kitchen

Thanks a Ton Disha for letting us into your haven. 
Thanks a lot Sudha for featuring my ever evolving home on your lovely blog. 

Do check out her blog and social media links for regular updates. And be inpsired. 

Blog Design Decor & Disha:
Facebook page:

Thank you Disha for taking time out to share your beautiful home on the Design enthusiast

Apr 27, 2017

Vintage love: Teak love...Danish Teak birds by Jacob Hermann

Teak and rosewood birds, with brass feet, designed by Jacob Hermann and produced in Denmark in the 1950's. Photo: Wright, Chicago

Ihave been contemplating wood carving for a while now. These are a major motivation :)

Jan 12, 2017

Vintage Love: Daybed

Spotted this custom made daybed with the classic mcm look. Caning and the tiny boom-a-rang kind of back are drool worthy. The seller mentions it as being custom made 50 years ago. 

Material: Teak
Period: 1960
Details: custom made by a local carpenter
Dimensions:  66" x 31" x 12" 

OhYes! I am in Love :)
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