Mar 4, 2015

Vintage Love : Mid mod furniture

I admit, I did not expect my life to turn topsy-turvy after my son was born. Although, I am loving everything about being a mommy. Some days are tougher than the others. When I look back, his baby phase seems easier than his current toddler stage.

However, I miss blogging for sure. 

Vintage Love: 
I bought this bookshelf even before he came into our lives, but its such a pleasure to see him enjoy stacking, messing up and rearranging his books. All of two years and this is how keeps it. I am super proud mom :)

Open shelves encourage him to pick up books. 

Style and design timeline:
Danish modern

solid wood with a lovely varnish

The design:
The slender pencil legs and the brass tips make it even more drool worthy. What say!

Its petite size makes it super easy for use in a child's room or near a busy living nook. I gather that they were meant to be vinyl record holders. (they would have been a snug fit). Though the shelf looks small, its holds quite a number of books and toys. 

This piece has no designer marking or brand name, but we find quite a few of them floating about in the preloved market. Most of them bought it for a super crazy throw away price (happy happy!). Do let me know if you know more

Nov 30, 2014

Vintage love. Low seating options

A few days ago, saw an amazing pair of teak and leather short stools on a popular used goods site. I wrote to the owner asking for permission to use the images, They never got back, I had to share a picture on the blog though. So here it goes

They were nominally priced and in near mint condition. It went to some lucky buyer :)

Oct 21, 2014

Let there be Light ~ Clean, Green Diwali ideas

Its that time of the year when Indian families get together. Diwali, the festival of lights, was and is something I look forward to each year. As a child, the festival meant,  home made sweets, new clothes and fire works - a wholesome deal :).

I outgrew the need for fire crackers when I was 12. Pollution, child labour, exploitation, and wastage being the main reason for this change. I have been making sincere efforts to have a plastic free, sustainable, green diwali each year, This post is all about going green with your choices this diwali. I plan to share a few things I stick to.

I also plan to share very inspiring pictures and awesome ideas from my fellow blogger friend Reshma of : Dreams are made of these ...
Reshma's festive home :)

I love the feel of a beautifully lit up home, filled with joy and laughter of people living in it. I appreciate the oil lamps lit in handmade clay diya, marigolds floating around and strings of fairy lights brightening the otherwise busy lives.

My love for this festival is evident from my header pictures which i never seem to change :).

For a Clean, Green diwali 

  1. Avoid gel, petroleum based candles and choose natural oil lit lamps or Soya candles
  2. Earthen diyas or lamps and reusing old brass lamps. We can not only bring that earthy look into our home but also provide a means of livelihood for the potters who make them (Our family always buys from roadside potters and vendors)
  3. Choosing to buy natural fibers and avoiding synthetics and silks while shopping for clothes
  4. Saying yes to homemade delicacies and avoiding plastic wrapped store bought sweets
  5. Exchanging lot of love instead of gifts, And if we had to give gifts, choosing something with minimal packaging and something sustainable.
  6. Using locally available flowers to decorate the house to manage our carbon footprint
  7. Choose LED string lamps to save energy
  8. Most importantly, avoid fire crackers. We make breathing easier for many asthmatic people around us. 

Decor and design ideas for the season :)...
How about some awesome ideas from my fellow blogger friend Reshma who blogs at : Dreams are made of these ...

Reshma says "I don't think any festival is complete without flowers and marigold is synonymous with festivities. Just a basket full of them adds the much needed charm during Diwali."

Lovely flowers brighten up any space

She adds "Rangolis form a beautiful part of Diwali rituals. Floral patterns blooming from every flat stone in the courtyard or the entrance welcoming the guests and family members . Our Diwali is never complete without one."

Her love for terracotta or earthenware and anything made from the basic form of clay is evident from her lovely collection. Each piece finds a special place in her home during Diwali.

 Nothing beats beautiful rangoli and earthen diyas

"Tablescapes are my favourite Diwali settings. The festive season calls for a lot of entertaining and hosting meals. A good table setting is a great way to bring the festivities indoors and bring about a festive glow in your surroundings."
Pretty arrangement - grass mat coasters and marigolds for enhancing the look 

I am in love with these terracota lamp varieties from Kolkatta, She found a street vendor selling these beauties. 

So do buy a pair or two of these awesome diyas....Happy shopping and wishing everyone a great time this season :)

Thanks to reshma for sharing such inspiring pictures and making this post possible. :)

PS: pictures are mine and reshmas (pl do not use without permission)

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