Aug 31, 2014

Teak cabinets ~ In Awe!!!

I love hardwood furniture in their natural shades. White walls, honey toned warm wooden furniture and a few brass accent pieces and yes, a few potted plants are all i need!

spotted this vintage teak cabinet on local classifieds and couldn't resist sharing,

A multi utlility piece which could work well in a dining area or the living room. The seller mentioned that they had been using it for over 60 years (sigh!). This piece surely doesnt look even a day old.

picture courtesy: local resale site/ seller

Mar 20, 2014

Lamp love ~ vintage love

I was browsing through craigslist after a really long time. Each time I do it, I find fabulous things...Pricey and otherwise. Its very obvious by now that I have a thing for vintage lamps. Doesnt matter which design era it belongs to, I go weak in my knees. 

This piece is a ideal for a low hung dining lighting or hung in the corner for a silent yet impressive dramatic impact :). If one is game for it..probably it would do well in the entry foyer as well.

Amazing use of glass, brass and teak to perfection. 

I sigh and drool at all these awesome pieces. And admire all the effort and creativity behind the design. and its utility and use of material

So until the next awesome post...have a great time folks :)

Image source: craigslist seller (a silent thank you)

Jan 2, 2014

House Beautiful : At Home with Sarah and Larry

I am here to cover for my hiatus via this amazing home tour. I fell in love with Larry's beautiful apartment and his design sensibilities. I requested him for a sneak peek and he promptly responded to my request. My bad, that I took a very long time in sharing this lovely home...So, here I go...

Love the warm wood with a bright white accessory

The home owners:
Larry, a Project designer at a Denver/Boulder based Architecture firm, shares this beautiful apartment his girlfriend, Sarah, a student in Public Health. 

The building
Larry says" The building is very bizarre; it was built in the early 1900s as an enlargement of 2 houses that were originally on the property. Every apartment is unique, with odd floor plans. The neighborhood is one of Denver's older ones, and is fantastic - we live one block from one of the most beautiful parks in the city and close to grocery stores and restaurants."

The 1100 s.ft, single bedroom apartment has been done up predominately in mid-century style with carefully collected danish modern furniture. Larry and Sarah have decorated their place with pieces picked via craigslist, thrift stores, estate sales and vintage/antique shops. Larry enjoys repairing and restoring pieces. He also custom built their dining table. 

Dining area

A peek into the living room

They have also blended some smaller things from places like Ikea and Target. Modest incomes make them work on a tight budget. This also helps them acquire things relatively slowly over time. Sarah loves plants, especially succulents, so those play a big role in the apartment as well.

The clean and simple approach to decorating has resulted in a clutter free space, serene, and minimalist apartment.  Cramming too many items would have made it look like a vintage furniture store. The apartment is well lit and spacious which adds to the whole charm of this yummy space. 

And finally, a quick peek into the kitchen :)

I could live here anyday :)