Jul 21, 2016

My Prized Possessions: Ganesha at Home :)

I often get emails and messages for a tour of my house. Loads of motivation from blogger friends and I decided to show case my abode and the curios I have collected over the years. Nothing better than starting the feature with my Ganesha. *

My Love for brass has been there forever now. Vacations with parents in Tamil Nad n kerala (Southern States in India) meant trips to temples and a compulsory detour to old markets laden with beautiful handmade brass and bronze artifacts. I am quite blessed to have found pieces I love. My collection has grown over the years.  Do enjoy the vignettes :)

My love for music prompted me to pick this up. It has been there with me for over a decade. I fondly call the set

Kaccheri pillayar or The Ganeshas in Concert :)

The relaxing ganesha enjoying a quite evening

another vignette of the same idol

And ending this post with my ultra modern singing ganapathy (a.k.a. ganesha) the lord is holds a sitar (musical instrument) and seems to enjoy the outdoors a lot :)
A  few friends tease me about this idol and call it Organic pillayaar Ganesha). The reason behind this is Lord Ganesha is known for his love for food. Its very rare to find an idol with out a belly :). This idol was a gift from a dear friend and is lean and unconventional.

Also read about my handmade Ganeshas for the Ganesh Chathurthi festival. Loved doing the post. Thanks for stopping by :).

PS:  Coming up with a wonderful home tour. So stay tuned

*In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is considered the remover of obstacles :)

Jul 18, 2016

Vintage love ~ chairs !!

Found these beauties for sale on the local garage sale site. Contacted the seller for more information and was told they were custom made around 40 years ago. Ah! and they are in perfect condition. While I type this post, they are on their way to a loving home. 

Pic: with seller's permission

Type of furniture: Retro, clean line
material: leather and rosewood
Brand: custom made
Era: 1970s

Disclaimer: all information as provided by the seller and posted with seller permission

Jul 16, 2016

Antique Fire blower - Bellow

A dear friend Anpu was fascinated by this vintage find in Dubai and bought it. It is a fireplace bellow blower or the आग धौंकनी. It is used for strong blasts of air and used in the Bedouin households while cooking..the 3 holes at the back of the tool let's the air in.  The tribe used this device for rekindling the kitchen hearth when they settled in the evening.

Beautiful isn't it. She has made it into a neat accessory near the fireplace

Pics: Anpu
Item: Fire blower