Jul 9, 2015

I am elated :) And here is why!!!!!

Its not everyday that the owner of an iconic company comments on your blog. I had written about Brumby and Rex rockers on The Design Enthusiast...."

. And was pleasantly surprised to see this in my inbox today 

" Anna Brumby has left a new comment on your post "Brumby Rocker ~ and my Rex Rocker":
I know this was a few years ago, but I just came across your blog and really enjoy it. Thank you for your comments on The Brumby Chair Company. While Rex has gone out of business, we are still rocking along. We have relauched our new website (www.brumbyrocker.com) and have added a company video on the history of the chairs, Brumby Chair historical catalogues dating back to 1912 and now offer online ordering. We have also expanded our offering to refurbishing all Brumby Chair Company products so that our customers can enjoy their Brumby Chair products for another 140 years. Thank you again for the mention and hope you'll visit us and follow us on all our new social media accounts. Thanks again, Anna Brumby"

Thank you Ms Brumby, from the bottom of my heart. I blog about what I believe are iconic pieces of furniture. It feels great to hear from people like you :)

Jun 25, 2015

Teak and jute chairs ~ awesomeness!

Off late, a local preloved/used goods buy/sell website has been full of surprises. Many seem to be selling their old furniture. And people like me must be doing a happy dance. 

I come across such amazing teak and jute piece, that I seriously wished for a store room :P. (As if i did not have enough stuff already!!)

The ad mentions them as antique Teak chairs. The moment I saw them I knew they looked so similar to the  iconic Harp chairs.  

Local sale: 
details unknown. The ad only mentions them as antique teak chairs

source: seller

the original

 source: architonic.com

source: 1stdibs

country of origin: Denmark
Year: 1968
Designer: Jorgen Hovelskov
Manufacturer: Christensen & Larsen

Dimensions:  h 127 cm, d 117 cm, w 104 cm, height of seat 40 cm. Details:
machine-age.com: "The curved shapes of the legs are reminiscent of Viking boats. These and the tightened ropes provide this chair with an impressive sculptural quality. "
Architonic.com adds "its flag halyard seat provides a unique optical effect."

I am yet to find out if they are original The pictures do not look like the original though.

PS: As I have always maintained that carpenters and craftsmen in india were great in replicating designs. We get to see many such reproductions of internationally known iconic pieces. I have been toying the idea of documenting such reproductions as and when I come across them 

Jun 8, 2015

Vintage Love : Gunlocke Arm chairs

I had these awesome walnut wood armchairs at one point. Loved them for their sleek look and comfort but had to let them go. Extremely well made and not your average side / arm chairs

Vintage Gunlocke chairs from the 60's. A very stylish Mad Men/ retro addition to your decor. The set was in perfect condition. Walnut solid wood and original blue fabric were in excellent condition with no rips or tears or stains. 

The company:
The Gunlocke Company Inc, Wayland NY, made memorable pieces. 

Ideal for home office or a corporate set up, They were the most comfortabel chairs I have come across in the non reclining catergory

Images: Mine 

May 24, 2015

Art deco meets mid century :)

Found an amazing sofa set on a local reselling site. had to share it.

one design era met another?
The sculpted and rounded arm rests with a curvy design  are from the very elegant 1920's, 30's and early 40's  Art Deco style/era. And the pencil thin, tapering legs and sleek wood look with removable cushions are a mid century modern influence on the piece. So the set is inspired by design eras spans 1930's to the mid 60's :)

What ever the style, it looks well made.

Could not get any information on the set. However. it does look locally made by a skillful carpenter. Most Indian homes had very retro looking pieces made in the late 60's until the late 80's.They were reproductions of some well known designs and pieces. Most carpenters I speak to, talk about being inspired by film art settings, and film star homes :).

That reminds me, I have a few posts lined up under my Movies, Masti and Magic segment!,  Hoping to post them soon

Pic source: seller on a local preloved /reselling site

Mar 4, 2015

Vintage Love : Mid mod furniture

I admit, I did not expect my life to turn topsy-turvy after my son was born. Although, I am loving everything about being a mommy. Some days are tougher than the others. When I look back, his baby phase seems easier than his current toddler stage.

However, I miss blogging for sure. 

Vintage Love: 
I bought this bookshelf even before he came into our lives, but its such a pleasure to see him enjoy stacking, messing up and rearranging his books. All of two years and this is how keeps it. I am a super proud mom :)

Open shelves encourage him to pick up books. 

Style and design timeline:
Danish modern

solid wood with a lovely varnish

The design:
The slender pencil legs and the brass tips make it even more drool worthy. What say!

Its petite size makes it super easy for use in a child's room or near a busy living nook. I gather that they were meant to be vinyl record holders. (they would have been a snug fit). Though the shelf looks small, its holds quite a number of books and toys. 

This piece has no designer marking or brand name, but we find quite a few of them floating about in the preloved market. Most of them bought it for a super crazy throw away price (happy happy!). Do let me know if you know more

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