Jun 25, 2010

International Graphic Design Contest

Quoting the Competition announcement by comeonline.it

"The Primary objective of this project is to promote a debate around the basic theme of life in the community and how improvements can be made. The competition is an opportunity to express, manifest, symbolize and imagine solutions for a better city capable of improving the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Sensitive themes:
Integration of different cultures and religions
Citizen needs: Youth, Disabled, Children, the Aged, Outcasts..
Technological innovations
The Community as protagonis
Interaction between urban areas and nature

2 visions / 2 ways to participate

1. Intellectual proposal   (critical / constructive / thematic / social)
2. Intervention                 (active / real / practical / urban) " Courtesy: 

Wishing all the Graphic designers best of luck!

Jun 17, 2010

Another Giveaway by a Co-blogger

I follow this blog and just love it.....;>If I dint have a sense of humor!!lol

The blogger, Barbara has announced a giveaway== Ceramic Planters!! yaya....so all you gardeners out there...mark your entry on her blog ... (US residents only i guess)

So wishing everyone good luck

Jun 14, 2010

Inspirations - Cane Backed Chairs

I need to confess. I have a soft spot for cane backed chairs, arm chairs in particular. There is a special love for a few Anglo/ dutch style furniture pieces. And when I looked for cane and wood chairs, a few french chairs figured in the "like" list. Like many, I love vintage hand me down furniture and really wish I inherited something as divine as these. I get drawn to organic and earthy looking furniture. It has been a dream to own one of these...colonial plantation chair with a matching ottoman
or one of these
source: wicker-repair-com

Among the few pieces I would love to own, are a pair of cane backed arm chairs. Ever since I saw then in a house tour post on Apartment therapy, my hunt has become pretty serious. One look at them and I knew I had to have them ...lol

 source: apartmenttherapy

My hunt led me to create another inspirations folder ..funny me!!. Here is my collection of varied models and styles.

Thought I would begin with a pair of bentwood (thonet style) arm chairs - Circa 1940's. They are a straight back so may not work well in a lounge /living area set up. These seem more like a dining /captain chair variety
source: antiquearts-com

Straight backs with a southern style porch rocker look. (similar to Brumby rockers)
source: danripley-com
Now for a few French Parlour style curved back or barrel back chairs...French style vintage pair...not sure of the wood though


source: frenchchair-com

source: apartmenttherapy

Very ornate ones but without the upholstery

source: jansantique
Straight back  parlour chair with removable cushions. Straight panel weaving gives the chair a very traditional vintage look.

sourece: objectsintheloft-com

Another straight back with honey comb weave

source: wisteria-com

Loved this chair and rocker combination
source: craigslist

Next in line...Danish modern inspirations....
 source: designedconnected-com

Jens Risom classic lounge chairs Circa 1950's


Can you stop drooling over this set, currently on sale by owner (Priced right for its worth but def out of my budget!!)

source: Craigslist

Sleek curved back chairs with a square weave.
source: assembleagedltd-com

 Now take a look at this...This is not your typical lounge chair....(couldnt afford it else would have bought it!!)


These chairs are paired with a fabric or a wooden loveseat or a settee. The combination looks good and works well in a modern as well as traditional set up. They also look good all by themselves and are recommended as small space lounging solutions.

source: apartmetntherapy

Until next time...See you and repurpose, reuse and restore!!

Jun 5, 2010

My Dream Canvas announces a Giveaway

Anuradha of My Dream Canvas has announced a fabulous giveaway. I have been an admirer of her blog and her style tips for a long time now.

Here is the link to the post - HERE. This giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada. (She has promised to announce a giveaway for readers across the globe some time soon!). I ll keep you posted on that as well. :)

Wishing everyone good luck!!
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