Mar 4, 2015

Vintage Love : Mid mod furniture

I admit, I did not expect my life to turn topsy-turvy after my son was born. Although, I am loving everything about being a mommy. Some days are tougher than the others. When I look back, his baby phase seems easier than his current toddler stage.

However, I miss blogging for sure. 

Vintage Love: 
I bought this bookshelf even before he came into our lives, but its such a pleasure to see him enjoy stacking, messing up and rearranging his books. All of two years and this is how keeps it. I am a super proud mom :)

Open shelves encourage him to pick up books. 

Style and design timeline:
Danish modern

solid wood with a lovely varnish

The design:
The slender pencil legs and the brass tips make it even more drool worthy. What say!

Its petite size makes it super easy for use in a child's room or near a busy living nook. I gather that they were meant to be vinyl record holders. (they would have been a snug fit). Though the shelf looks small, its holds quite a number of books and toys. 

This piece has no designer marking or brand name, but we find quite a few of them floating about in the preloved market. Most of them bought it for a super crazy throw away price (happy happy!). Do let me know if you know more

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