Sep 24, 2010

Friday Finds - Of Bathtubs and Couches!!

I was mesmerized by Audrey Hepburn the day I watched her Oscar winning "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Loved her innocence and charm as Holly Golightly in this 1961 classic adaptation of the novel by the same name.

This opening shot with Audrey standing by Tiffany's window at 5 am (so says the movie) is an all time favourite of mine.


I love this trailer ....So very 60's..right!


Wondering why I am talking about the movie rather than talk about my friday find?

Here is why!!...Remember Audrey's couch in the movie?...yes, absolutely, it is a bathtub which was split to create a very quaint couch. (sigh! isnt she adorable..oh yah! so is the couch)

I loved the way Audrey's apartment was done up, so much to suit her character. 

Off late, I have been seeing more of these tub couches, on decor sites and blogs. (May be, they are in vouge again.) I just loved the look (not sure if I would like it in my decor).

A few of them actually seen in use...

It is another way to repurpose old tubs (which are in a usable state :-) ). Isn't it nice that vintage cast iron tubs are being put to use and being saved them from becoming landfill.


One word of caution...they are quite pricey ..could cost anywhere between a $1000 - $4000.(.Phew! I am sure I cant buy it. )

So folks, let me know your take on what kind of styles work well these tub turned couches. 

PS: you could read a brief history about claw foot tubs >>here

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Sep 21, 2010

Of Peacocks and Paisleys...features my entry way...:)

This has been a great week...It began with Priya of OUTT featuring a few cozy corners of our abode and now Gagan of Peacocks and Paisleys has featured my apartment entryway!.  yay!!! I am super excited to see my apartment featured on such heavenly and inspiring blogs. 

Of Peacocks and Paisleys...
I have been following Gagan from June 23rd this year.. :-)..Yes i tend to remember dates very kidding..looked it up on her blog ;-); I love the effervescence and cheerfulness she exudes via her posts. :). Her blog is among the ones I start my day with. Here is a glimpse of the post about my entry way..(isnt it super cool!!).

Thank you Gagan for  the feature. It feels nice to be a part of a very creative and ultra chic blog.

Sep 19, 2010

My Cozy Corners featured on OUTT..Design Stories

Priya of Once Upon a Tea Time...Design Stories, featured cozy spots in my tiny abode. It feels nice to see my cozy corners featured on her beautiful blog. >>link

I have been an ardent reader of her blog for a long time now. Do check out her wonderful space and see what I mean!!

Sep 17, 2010

Friday Finds - Interesting Wall unit

Like everyone else who is interested in design and home aesthetics, I browse through websites, blogs and yes the craigslist (how could I forget my eternal source of research insipirations!!) for interesting finds. I had shared an interesting danish style magazine stand earlier, a craigslist find!! >>Link. Keeping in view my overflowing folder of  inspirations and finds for the future, I decided to write about one such item per week, say every friday.

For starters, let me share this very interesting looking wall unit found via Thomaswold's blog>> link. Do check out his blog for more amazing DIYz. (i just skimmed through the blog and fell in love with his work..planning to take a day out to read through his work and posts where he talks about his projects and work in general). 

The wall unit
Created from a set of unused or unwanted furniture. I am major fan of upcycled and repurposed things. (obvious that i loved his idea right!!).
This Pile ....

Transformed into this work of art...
Pic courtesy: thomaswold
Painted furniture is not really my style, but what I liked about this piece is that he has repurposed, recycled and upcycled most of the furniture, which would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. It is simply a super cool DIY idea (I could totally steal!!)  to create a really unique piece of art!

Really amazing work I must say :). Don't you think :-) so too. 
PS: Check the blog for more details on such projects.

Before I forget, Let me link this post to show and tell ` @ My Romantic Home :)

Sep 10, 2010

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi

Wishing a very happy Pullayaar chathurthi.

I came across a Friday Show and tell event at My Romantic Home and decided to participate in it. I thought I would talk about my 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi celebration at home.

It is a tradition in our family to make a clay idol for the celebrations and then immerse the idol in a well or a lake nearby after Three days of festivities. The tradition of immersing it in a local lake or a well makes it is very important to avoid synthetic colours and plaster of paris, etc to sculpt the idol. Keeping my green design ideology in mind, I made a whole wheat (atta) ganesha (the pic above) and used water colours to decorate it.

 2010 - This year's ganesha is a Work  in Progress.:). And now, I am off to post my entry @ the Show and Tell event!

Sep 4, 2010

Cozy Corners @ home

Home is where the heart is and I have left a piece of my heart in every home I have lived over the last three decades. Having moved four times in six years, I have had to work with stark white walls and lack of decent square footage. Every home we lived in, has been a challenge for me and my hubby; and both of us have loved the setting up process.

Current apartment is the one with maximum square footage, (821 sft) (among all the four apartments we have rented till date). We have been super excited and are forever buying and reselling furniture, on what else, The Craigslist. I have spoken about my love for pre-loved furniture in a previous post>> LinkWe have not indulged in anything too expensive, but I surely have fun looking for furniture on my favourite shopping destination - C'list!!

Cozy Corners!!
I receive my guests in this cozy living area. (The Furniture and the set up is quite different now..). This is how the living room looked when I had a cane set. My love for earth tones and wooden furniture is quite evident! I prefer red, brown, green and oranges for my accent colours (have to work with my white walls ...right!!)

This apartment's living room is lit up by the rising sun and remains bright and cheerful through most part of the day. (kitchen and the dining area lack any natural light though :-(). I spend most of my time here, blogging, reading or bonding with the TV.

Another place I love to relax (with my cup of chai) is this bentwood rocker in our bedroom. (again...this rocker was given to another lady..i have another one now :-)
I appreciate this apartment for the amount of light streaming in through the living area and the bed room, almost until sunset. This particular corner is very calming and has been the perfect spot to compose myself on a stressful day. (I have written about my love for rockers via these posts >Here and >Here. :-).

After Poang came home, it is the only place you would find me. :-)

(My ma in law's DIY slip cover gave this chair a complete facelift)

The apartment's decor is ever changing and evolving. I am glad I am able to buy things I love, to make this tiny abode a cozy home.

Party invites!! yay!!!!!!!!
This post is going to be my entry to Patricia's September Party invite - Cozy Corners September. I am super excited to be working on another cozy corners invite from Priya of Once Upon a Tea Time..Design Stories.. for the series on Cozy Spot at home

Do join in and be a part of these wonderful blogs for the blogland carnival!!

Sep 2, 2010

Flowers @ Home

I am quite excited to see these lovely Bitter Gourd Blossoms (guessing!) in my balcony garden. I had a neat growth of saplings last year and had harvested chillies, capsicum, tomatoes and okra/ladies finger. This year, however, the garden is rather sparse. I planted has a few chillies and this lone creeper. The best part about this Bela being - it sprung out of my compost bin and was later transplanted into the milkcan I re-purposed as Planters. I am yet to find out what this is going to yield :-).

I am looking forward to a few home grown vegetables  :-)

I did this post for another reason. For saying a Big Thank you to Rekha of The Key Bunch. She invited me to join their "Say it with Flowers carinval"  ...I am sending in this post to their super party!! Sharon and Rekha are celebrating two years of their blogging by asking readers and co bloggers to Say it with flowers. 

You could participate too...All you need - Do a post on your blog with a picture of flowers from your abode. It could be an arrangement, a potted plant, your garden, stringed flowers or anything you can imagine... Do join in and wish them for being such great bloggers and dishing out yummy eye candy for the last two years.

Wishing them great blogging years ahead.

Sep 1, 2010

Janmaashtami Vaazhthukkal

Wishing everyone a joyous celebration and lots of happy moments.

This Thanjavur /Tanjore painting has been done by my Sister in law. I had written about her in a previous post >> Artist Showcase: Sunayana. She is in the process of setting up a blog to go online with her work.
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