Sep 4, 2010

Cozy Corners @ home

Home is where the heart is and I have left a piece of my heart in every home I have lived over the last three decades. Having moved four times in six years, I have had to work with stark white walls and lack of decent square footage. Every home we lived in, has been a challenge for me and my hubby; and both of us have loved the setting up process.

Current apartment is the one with maximum square footage, (821 sft) (among all the four apartments we have rented till date). We have been super excited and are forever buying and reselling furniture, on what else, The Craigslist. I have spoken about my love for pre-loved furniture in a previous post>> LinkWe have not indulged in anything too expensive, but I surely have fun looking for furniture on my favourite shopping destination - C'list!!

Cozy Corners!!
I receive my guests in this cozy living area. (The Furniture and the set up is quite different now..). This is how the living room looked when I had a cane set. My love for earth tones and wooden furniture is quite evident! I prefer red, brown, green and oranges for my accent colours (have to work with my white walls ...right!!)

This apartment's living room is lit up by the rising sun and remains bright and cheerful through most part of the day. (kitchen and the dining area lack any natural light though :-(). I spend most of my time here, blogging, reading or bonding with the TV.

Another place I love to relax (with my cup of chai) is this bentwood rocker in our bedroom. (again...this rocker was given to another lady..i have another one now :-)
I appreciate this apartment for the amount of light streaming in through the living area and the bed room, almost until sunset. This particular corner is very calming and has been the perfect spot to compose myself on a stressful day. (I have written about my love for rockers via these posts >Here and >Here. :-).

After Poang came home, it is the only place you would find me. :-)

(My ma in law's DIY slip cover gave this chair a complete facelift)

The apartment's decor is ever changing and evolving. I am glad I am able to buy things I love, to make this tiny abode a cozy home.

Party invites!! yay!!!!!!!!
This post is going to be my entry to Patricia's September Party invite - Cozy Corners September. I am super excited to be working on another cozy corners invite from Priya of Once Upon a Tea Time..Design Stories.. for the series on Cozy Spot at home

Do join in and be a part of these wonderful blogs for the blogland carnival!!


  1. Love the first pic Sudha - i love the simplicity of all, and talk about pre-loved! I must share a longish article I read online that is making me feel ashamed about all the expensive stuff I have in my home now! Cheers to you, and here's to more people who think like you!


  2. :) very very pretty! we have an excellent goodwill near our place....I love getting tiny knick knacks from there!

    I know what you mean about moving....... :)

  3. Hi Sudha!

    Reached this blog while searching for options/designs for putting up painting clusters on walls! :) And I am totally hooked to the blog. We are currently looking at plans of doing up OUR new home, and this page totally helps!

    Thought of dropping in a note of thanks!


  4. Hi Sharon
    I am too much into green design to buy new stuff I guess...carrying my green crusade too far?!!

    I have always longed to inher it furniture from a grandparent..dint happen though .. So i hunt for people who have loved their furniture and arent able to take care of it anymore and ask for a loving home for their cherished pieces.

    Thank you for all the beautiful things you said..

  5. Hey Gagan
    We should shop together sometime!! :-). Thank you for the super cool comment

  6. Hi DI
    Thank you for the visit..and such wonderful compliments...I would love to have you stop by more often...Its great to exchange ideas and keep learning right!!

    btw, loved your blog!!

  7. Very nice Sudha. I cant live without sunlight in my your living room space.

  8. Lovely pics... The rocking chair looks great...

  9. I love the cane furniture and bright light is indeed making your room cheerful. That's a beautiful corner.

  10. Thank you Pree, Emreen, Geeta, Sruthi. Thank you for the visit and the comment...:) keep stopping by..comments make me a happy blogger!!

  11. Loved your house and your blog..I am a sure shot follower of your blog now.

  12. Hi Shivani
    thanks a ton...I have admired your blog as well...thank u for the to have to around...:)

  13. Sudha, you home is lovey. I really like your view about furniture. Well loved furniture with history gives it so much more character. Finding an unexpected treasure is always exciting!!

  14. Your rocking chair is fabulous...loved your cane set also :)...beautiful post !

  15. Oh my gosh... Sudha!! I loved loved.. all your corners.. seriously!! I've been bugging you to show off your home... Its simply gorgeous.. I loved each one of your pics... and cant wait to see more.. Thanks a ton for joining in!!

  16. Thank you Patricia
    Thats a huge compliment...:)..joining the party was a great pleasure

  17. Hi Anu
    I am so in tune with what you said..:)...its def exciting to find a good piece at a neat bargain

  18. Great decoration akka. Loved the pics :) Reminded me of our trip last year. House looks really cosy :) Have you moved now?

  19. hi Divya
    thank you ..that is sweet!

    We are in the same apt..just changed the furniture :)

  20. You have put everything together so very well! where did you get the Jalli wala table, holding the lamp and koothi velak?
    I am looking 1 for myself...

  21. Hey Anu
    Thank you...I got it from India...I know some one bought a similar table from could try there.

  22. thank you...i gave it away and bought another bentwood...:)

  23. Hi Sudha,
    I regret that I didn't land in your blog earlier! your home is pretty and I love the rock chair and the cane furnitures!

  24. HI SV
    thats a really sweet thing to are here now and i would love to see you around and hear such super cool things from you...:)

  25. simple and serene...nice :)

    Visit me for Indian arts and interior ideas.


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