Sep 24, 2010

Friday Finds - Of Bathtubs and Couches!!

I was mesmerized by Audrey Hepburn the day I watched her Oscar winning "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Loved her innocence and charm as Holly Golightly in this 1961 classic adaptation of the novel by the same name.

This opening shot with Audrey standing by Tiffany's window at 5 am (so says the movie) is an all time favourite of mine.


I love this trailer ....So very 60's..right!


Wondering why I am talking about the movie rather than talk about my friday find?

Here is why!!...Remember Audrey's couch in the movie?...yes, absolutely, it is a bathtub which was split to create a very quaint couch. (sigh! isnt she adorable..oh yah! so is the couch)

I loved the way Audrey's apartment was done up, so much to suit her character. 

Off late, I have been seeing more of these tub couches, on decor sites and blogs. (May be, they are in vouge again.) I just loved the look (not sure if I would like it in my decor).

A few of them actually seen in use...

It is another way to repurpose old tubs (which are in a usable state :-) ). Isn't it nice that vintage cast iron tubs are being put to use and being saved them from becoming landfill.


One word of caution...they are quite pricey ..could cost anywhere between a $1000 - $4000.(.Phew! I am sure I cant buy it. )

So folks, let me know your take on what kind of styles work well these tub turned couches. 

PS: you could read a brief history about claw foot tubs >>here

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  1. I know when I was a kid, I didn't LIKE the bathtubs like this 'cause they were so, being that they're 'en vogue' for making of furniture...well, that's a whole 'nother story!! Loved this post. [And I loved the movie too!!....still do]

    Sheherazade is my link to Show n Tell...a doll I finished for the Halloween Season coming up. I do hope you can find time to visit with me! Have a super Friday, and a blessed weekend.

  2. Wow, never seen that before! Very cool.

  3. What a fun post! :) I hadn't noticed these earlier, but now I might start... :) thanks for sharing!

  4. looks really adorable...n love how the cushions add the much needed warmth to the cold tub!! having said all that its still not for me! only in pictures please :)

  5. Hi Anni
    thank you for the visit...would love to have your around

  6. hey Machelle
    thank you for stopping have such an amazing space. Hope to see u around

  7. Hey Prachi
    hahah i get what you say...i loved the look too but could never imagine getting one home..:)


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