Feb 28, 2012

Vintage Love ~ Wood, brass and leather table

C-listings are getting hotter in Atl...found this cool piece...Design is very similar to Eileen Gray side table, but could be some other designer..pl let me know if u have any info :)

The seller mentioned that table is adjustable and the surface reversible - wood and leather

Awesome isnt it!!..The round piece can be reversed...one side has a croc leather layer and the other has this beautiful walnut wood. When such pieces come by, I miss having a house and a garage :)

Looks similar to EG's table...

Feb 27, 2012

Vintage Love ~ Mersman Tables ~ awesome!

Spotted these on the local C-list. Drooling over the wonderfully sculpted legs and the cool walnut wood grain :)


If only I could bring them home!! sigh

Feb 24, 2012

Amazing Antiques ~ Hall tree / Umbrella and Coat stands

Home with entryways and amazing foyer spaces deserve to be dressed up a little. A pretty looking hall tree does just that :)and works as a landing space for your keys, umbrella etc when you come home.

remember this one from Preethi's store...a colonial tile back classic

A few more options :)


Being this dressy is not everyonez cup of tea....but for those who love it :)..wood tones or painted white.

a few other hall trees with storage benches


A mid 19th century Early victorian hat and umbrella stand 

A mid century modern - 1950's 1960's piece in walnut
Hall Tree or Coat and Hat Stand is a Stands for Sale in The Woodlands TX

Dressing up the entryway is easier than we think :)

Feb 18, 2012

House Beautiful : At Home with Petra and Lukas

A few months ago, hubby and I met a very cute couple at an estate sale. Lukas and his lovely wife Petra were there to buy stuff for their home. We spoke briefly and got to know that we shared our love for vintage homes and furnishings. In our conversation, I told them how crazy I was about the 50's neighborhood they lived in :). The Northcrest neighborhood in Atlanta is known for its beautiful homes from the post war, mid century era.  (I even told them I would love to visit their house sometime. And I was secretly hoping that they dint freak out hearing this :P)

Fast forward six months and hubby and I landed at their doorstep to pick up a beautiful side table...Craigslist Karma!! :-). As soon as we saw their house from the curb, we were in awe. I wasted no time in requesting Lukas for a home tour for DE. I am so glad they obliged. 

Every corner, furniture piece and accessory has been carefully chosen and reflects all love and effort which has gone into making this split level mid century modern home. I could go on...but the tour will be much better with appropriate inputs from Lukas and Petra :)...Over to them

We have found our home about 6 years ago. We fell in love with its open airiness and unique, mid-century a architecture.

Our 1968 split-level with pickled tongue-and groove ceilings, dark-stained exposed beams, and white crushed-marble brick is a typical Northcrest home.

We value our mid century modern homes in the hood and we even more value our friend and neighbors. This is what makes Northcrest great neighborhood.

We did not have much furniture or accessories, when we moved in, but slowly we built a little collection of vintage and mid century modern furniture and accessories. 

We loved the decorative art and arts and crafts in general, but after we moved into the home we concentrated on the modern furnishings and  slowly upgraded here and there.

The Kitchen

Outside, our landscaping plan is based on native plants and sustainability, and is inspired by vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines and Sunset books. 

The backyard features a woodland garden, spacious deck and an area for a firepit.

Long shot of our back yard

It was a lot of studying, reading, some missteps and lots and lots of time, but I'm happy we made that choice.
Thank you Lukas and Petra for letting us into your world.  I am yet to get back into reality :)!! Happy weekend everyone

Images courtesy: Lukas and Petra
More about the Northcrest neighborhood: northcrestmodern.com A dream source for planning my future home :) 

Feb 13, 2012

Store Profile: Anu's Shop

Another lady after my heart - Anu, of My Dream Canvas. She has been over at the Design Enthusiast with her lovely post on Diwali decor at her place and I had posted about all the giveaways she organized on her blog. This time around, she is here to talk about her new love, an online store  - THE SHOP :). I love her eye for detail and all the amazing things she has at home :). It is wonderful when such talented women get into sourcing stuff for your home too! isn't it :). 

I invited Anu to talk about the store, her love for decor and everything beautiful. :)...Over to Anu a.k.a Anuradha 
I created My Dream Canvas a few years ago with lifestyle and photography as the two main ingredients for my blog. Over the years my interest in Interior Styling has grown and my home home has emerged as a canvas to showcase my thoughts and passion. Last year a thought began growing in my head.......a desire to start my own "little boutique". The idea behind it is really very simple. I enjoy collecting things that are both unique and  beautiful and I want to share it with others. 

At the moment I am primarily sourcing from India but over time my plan is to include products from different parts of the world.  I want my online boutique to be a little gift shop that makes people happy. Each and every product that I source is something that I have personally found inspiring. It gives me great pleasure to see  The Shop at My Dream Canvas  be a part of someone's home! I am a dreamer at heart, therefore I really don't have a business plan in my head :-). For now, I am enjoying the journey and curating a collection that's from my heart!

I am a very happy customer too :)..She was very prompt with the shipping and took care to schedule it as per my convenience. 

Thank you Anu, for coming over at The DE..wishing you the best and looking forward to many more beautiful things to be showcased in THE SHOP :). 

All you lovely folks hop over and own an amazing decor item for your lovely home. 

The online Store : THE SHOP
For updates about the store and products in stock:  My Dream Canvas on Facebook 
She accepts paypal and currently ships within the US :)

Feb 11, 2012

Vintage love ~ 50's Umbrella Stand

A hammered, solid  brass Umbrella stand.
Period: 1950s
Country of origin: Italy
Love the literal design :)

pic and info: nyshowplace.com

Feb 10, 2012

Friday Finds ~ Yarn Chair

I was tagged in a conversation to identify this chair..I had no information, but this picture to begin my research...Just like most of the things I write about....An interesting three hours later, this is what I found :)


Gaetano Pesce Up Collection
Since its first appearance, the Up series, designed in 1969, has been one of the most outstanding expressions of design. The exceptional visual impact of seven models of seats, in various sizes, has made them unique in time. Up5 is the collection’s most famous, a female figure tied to a ball-shaped ottoman symbolizing the shackles that keep women subjugated’. 

A large sculpture that celebrates both the modern and the traditional, the UP7 “foot” is almost an archaeological relic of the modern era, expressing a fusion of art and design. Elastic fabric cover is available in black, red, yellow, blue and dark green, besides the beige and orange striped solution.

Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam

jersey fabric

Bottom base
fabric 100% jute
Information and picture source: bonluxat.com

Beautiful isn't it..a cool stretch of imagination ...it looks like the ottoman/ball of yarn is going to roll away any moment!! A classic 60's design. I feel good when I find sufficient information about an object / piece or furniture item when all I had was a small picture or a minute long glimpse at the antique mall to start with. It does make every blogging minute worthwhile! :)

Feb 6, 2012

Feb 1, 2012

DE's minutes of fame

Khabar, a US based magazine published a feature on Design and decor bloggers. Among the five blogs featured, was Design Enthusiast. A mention of my name, the blog and snippets of my interaction with the author Girija  

Link to the article: here
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