Feb 13, 2012

Store Profile: Anu's Shop

Another lady after my heart - Anu, of My Dream Canvas. She has been over at the Design Enthusiast with her lovely post on Diwali decor at her place and I had posted about all the giveaways she organized on her blog. This time around, she is here to talk about her new love, an online store  - THE SHOP :). I love her eye for detail and all the amazing things she has at home :). It is wonderful when such talented women get into sourcing stuff for your home too! isn't it :). 

I invited Anu to talk about the store, her love for decor and everything beautiful. :)...Over to Anu a.k.a Anuradha 
I created My Dream Canvas a few years ago with lifestyle and photography as the two main ingredients for my blog. Over the years my interest in Interior Styling has grown and my home home has emerged as a canvas to showcase my thoughts and passion. Last year a thought began growing in my head.......a desire to start my own "little boutique". The idea behind it is really very simple. I enjoy collecting things that are both unique and  beautiful and I want to share it with others. 

At the moment I am primarily sourcing from India but over time my plan is to include products from different parts of the world.  I want my online boutique to be a little gift shop that makes people happy. Each and every product that I source is something that I have personally found inspiring. It gives me great pleasure to see  The Shop at My Dream Canvas  be a part of someone's home! I am a dreamer at heart, therefore I really don't have a business plan in my head :-). For now, I am enjoying the journey and curating a collection that's from my heart!

I am a very happy customer too :)..She was very prompt with the shipping and took care to schedule it as per my convenience. 

Thank you Anu, for coming over at The DE..wishing you the best and looking forward to many more beautiful things to be showcased in THE SHOP :). 

All you lovely folks hop over and own an amazing decor item for your lovely home. 

The online Store : THE SHOP
For updates about the store and products in stock:  My Dream Canvas on Facebook 
She accepts paypal and currently ships within the US :)


  1. Such very pretty things...so romantic and dreamy.

  2. Have visited before I just love anu's collection try r just awesomeeeeee :)

  3. Wow, I just saw this Sudha. Thanks a bunch, you are really a sweethear and I would love to meet you!!

  4. She sure has some very pretty things in the shop! :)

  5. Gorgeous shop!


    I was blog-tagged and now I've tagged you! Hope you're into some bloggy-fun games!

    Check it out, here: http://dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com/2012/02/tagged-random-facts-about-moi.html

    And have an awesome day!

  6. Glad you liked the fan Sudha and the lamp shades! Have a lovely weekend.


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