Oct 31, 2011

Guest Post ~ Anu's Diwali Decor Ideas and Inspirations

Anu of My Dream Canvas needs no introduction. Her blog and her flickr stream have been a major source of inspiration for me. Anu is a versatile blogger, an amazing photographer and a very genuine and down to earth person. She is a busy mom of two tiny tots, an entrepreneur and a busy blogger. 

When I requested her to write for The Design Enthusiast, and she promptly sent in her ideas and inspirations for TDE readers.  Herez her post about Diwali at her place....


Sudha of The Design Enthusiast has been a friend ever since I began blogging. I admire Sudha as a person and she has always encouraged and supported me since I began My Dream Canvas. Today, I am delighted to be writing a post on Diwali here at The Design Enthusiast :-)

It was a wonderful week preparing for Diwali and finally the big day arrived :-) The key ingredients for my Diwali are family, friends, flowers and diyas! Diwali evening begins with a Puja at home followed by the lighting of the diyas. When I moved to the US eleven years ago, I have to admit that the first few Diwali's were  filled with nostalgia. I would miss India terribly and it would be an effort to partake in the celebrations and rituals. Over the years that has changed. Today, Diwali is about tradition and enlightening my two children about our culture and the symbolism of Diwali. My kids love this season beginning with Diwali, followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and then culminating with Christmas :-)

Diwali decor for me is nothing fancy.....flowers and the glow of the diyas, tealights and candles seem to set the mood for me! I tend to reuse a lot of things that are already in my home. I could go on talking about Diwali decor tips but I think you all know this.....be yourself and create your own style. The best decor accesory for Diwali is to have your home filled with happiness and laughter. When you have that your home will look naturally beautiful and it shall be a Diwali to remember!

Images: Anuradha Varma@ My Dream Canvas.

 Thank you Anu for this wonderful post. The admiration is mutual, may be more from my side. :-). Glad to have you at the design enthusiast. Looking forward to another post from you...


  1. Lovely post and equally beautiful images.I personally enjoy reading both the blogs a lot :-)

  2. great post..love all the pinks and yellows and orange..such a refreshing palette for Diwali

  3. lovely post,loved this.loved the blue and pinks..lakshmi

  4. Lovely post on a lovely blog by another lovely blogger friend. Lovely clicks Anu and thanks Sudha for this guest post

  5. beautiful post with beautiful pics...

  6. Gorgeous post Anu! Love all those blue and pinks.
    Thanks for sharing Sudha...hope you had a fabulous Diwali :)

  7. thank you guys for the lovely comments. I have to thank Anu for the post. her pics make the blog look so beautiful

  8. Nice! Anu's MDC has always been a source of inspiration for elegant decor ideas.

  9. This is such a brilliant decor ideas of Anus. i love the photos, they are so beautiful! Thanks for featuring these lovely Diwali decorations which I'd like to share to my friends as well.



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