Oct 18, 2011

Art Direction ~ Indian Cinema

I had shared a video of a very classy song from a movie called Pyar Kiye Ja in this post >>Here and the post about international influence on Indian cinema- music, decor and fashion etc. The tamil version of the same movie was remade and instead of mid century modern interiors, the art directors chose to go antique-y...see what I mean

french, and english furnishings in the tamil version I(above)


a mix of mid century modern and some very faint french influence via accent pieces in the hindi version (below)
I personally love doing the movies masti magic post....i hope you enjoyed both the songs while letting allthe decor goodness sink in

PS: corrections to terminologies and style references are welcome..i m here to learn :)


  1. Your posts about Indian cinema are always so interesting and informative, since I know so little about the subject. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks dana, I ma so glad you like it..Cinema is one medium which is a major source to understand progression of fashion, and decor and desing anywhere in the world:) and my love for music and cinema makes me watch vintage indian movies for design inspirations

  3. It is really interesting to learn about these things, especially when pointed out, other wise we hardly notice the furniture in the movies. Thanks for taking us through that period.

  4. Thank you for mentioning that rama...so much effort goes into making a scene possible and its not even noticed at times :)

  5. Interesting to see the wide accents and styles that have influenced Indian art directors. More interesting to read about different accent treatments given to the same movie set between North and South of India. I love your posts on Indian films.


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