Aug 31, 2011

Movies masti and magic...International Influence on Indian Cinema

While on my research about the influence of international design. fashion and music on Indian cinema, I keep my eyes open for design trends and art Direction choices in Indian regional and hindi cinema over the years. This song is a classic example of what international influence on Indian Cinema in the mid century and until early 70's.

Each time I post a song, I spot design classics and decor pieces in the video. This time around, I would love you guys to do that for me :)

So, while you enjoy the very pretty Mumtaz and the versatile Mehmood sahab sway to a song sung by Manna Dey and Usha Mangeshkar, play the spotting game...will you :)?!! (The video also includes a very handsome Shashi kapoor and Kishore kumar in a "disguise" :-)

In general, most of the art directors picked stuff they liked from the international scene and imported stuff or custom made them for the sets. I love the way they made everything work for an Indian storylin and with other Indian isnt it!!


  1. Interesting to watch from this new angle. I liked the room and the colorful seating areas and the coloured walls - cool!! I also liked that raised seating corner with those flying curtains - But now my mood is getting Autumny :-)

  2. def yes Shanthi, if you like this post, you should check my other similar ones

  3. hmmm, never saw a movie or song from this perspective. see now Sudha, now it even when I watch movie now on..I 'll be looking for design ideas;)

  4. I noticed the chairs, I forgot the name, it is just like your in law's chairs in the balcony, the 2 blue chairs and the red sofa too are good. Those days we all had furniture like that. And the marble figurines.And most important is the tights worn by Mumtaj, I remember wearing many such tights in all colors and even now I have one in orange, where you would have to slip your heel into a loop like thing. Now a days you don't get it. Enjoyed the song and the actors too.


Thank you for your comment. You made my day!

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