Mar 30, 2011

New place ~ and we aren't there yet!

Hi folks, I have been very busy setting up the current apartment. I am falling in love with it..slowly, but yes, I am getting there I guess. In the meanwhile, I have not been on antique hunting or scouting for new stuff for the house. Infact, a lot of things found their way to thrift store and new homes :-). The kitchen, and our single bedroom still have a few things which are waiting to be arranged. ( Lesser storage space is not what I was looking forward to :(...but have to do with it).

A pair of teak chairs came home, to match the daybed/sofa..vintage, unmarked but costed more than what I generally spend on preloved furniture.

Sorry about the clutter...thats how we are living right now!

And btw, watch this space for a lovely guest post from a very talented lady -Shalini, who blogs at Sanctified Spaces. 

Sanctified Spaces

Mar 22, 2011

Chettinad's Wood and Cane Daybed ~ Archana's Guest Post

While working on a post about daybed styles and period furniture, I remembered the very elegant cane and wood daybed I saw on Archana's Flickr stream. Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor needs no introduction in the Flickr and Blog world. The lady behind so many amazing photographs and a set of beautiful blogs, agreed to a guest post when I requested for information on the piece she has in her very beautifully done up home.  I am quite excited to have her write for The Design Enthusiast.

Here is her post on the daybed. 
" Of all the lovely design blogs out there, what really caught my attention in Sudha's blog was her passion and immense interests in the various styles of furniture. She researches the style, the period, the designers.... it's quite impressive. So when she asked me about our traditional daybed on which I have shot so many photographs of my everyday life, I had to brush up my memory!

Will share with you all, what I know of this simple but functional piece of furniture. We picked this cane daybed from Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. It is a style quite common in Chettiar homes. Made of seasoned Burma Teak and woven with cane, this piece is a beauty. Summers in southern India is intense and this furniture usually placed it between two open doorways provides respite.  The shape of the furniture helps recline and stretch one-self on a lazy summer afternoon.

A detailed view

Have seen this style with a Portuguese twist in Goa as well. What makes India so intriguing to me is the amalgamation of various styles!"

A special Thank you to Archana for the lovely post. :-). And it feels good to see such wonderful things being said about me and the blog (*smiles*).

A glance at my previous posts on thonet rocker and caned furniture, and you known for my love of wood and cane furniture. This piece certainly figures in the "must-have" list :-).

Pictures courtesy: Archana Srinivas

Mar 21, 2011

I miss you ~405

It has been two weeks since the move, I have not had a moment to relax. With cartons and boxes around, I feel like I am yet to Weekend went by sorting things and having a friend over for lunch.

This being my first major move ever, I am being easy on myself. We had a little more stuff than just books and clothes. As of now, things are yet to fall in place and I am still figuring out what needs to be put where and what stays with us and what need not. Sorting our stuff to donate, keep or sell took up major part of our last two weeks.

While all this is still on, I was missing my previous place. Thought I'd share a pic or two and bid a formal goodbye to my lovely apartment (my husband calls me a drama dont seem to handle attachment and sentiments too all mushy and teary eyed when it comes to anything and, friends, things or even the places i have lived till date....:-) (sniff sniff)

Most of our things came in safe but for the antique armoire which had a broken leg...I was a little upset...but then, thats what moves are all about...:)

I am off to join the weekend wrap up party at Patty's.. you should hop in too...its fun!

Inspiring rooms :-)

I could stay indoors all day in a house like this..wouldn't you love it too

Monday Morning

Have a great week ahead!

Mar 17, 2011

We have a new (to us) West Elm sofa ..:-)

Thank you guys, for having being patient with me during my hiatus due to my move and the following recouping session. :-). I miss my previous apartment, and the ample sunlight which made the apartment irresistable :-). However, I look forward to being occupied with doing up the new place and falling in love with this apartment.

This was our older living area in our previous apartment...

The current apartment has an interesting layout which made us rethink our furniture setting. We decided to move the teak set to our huge balcony and indulge in a (preloved) west elm sofa. The idea was to go for a clean line, armless sofa look, seriously inspired by the danish mod armless daybed/sofa

 The sofa is intended to be a transition piece before we can afford one of these :)

(inspiration folder)

(inspiration folder)
inspiration folder

We are happy with this for now..:)

Mar 11, 2011

Vintage finds ~ Walnut Candle Sconce

Walnut Veneer and plywood Sconce....yummy!

This is my vintage candle holder, bent plywood veneer wall sconce (holds three small candles). It has been made from two curved pieces of plywood, has brass arms and candle holder parts. I love the way they finished off the candle holders. Each of those have been finished off with an elongated wood bullet form at the bottom. It is a very beautiful addition to retro or a typical mid century decor 

I never lit candles in them, but they holds a smaller candle, one half inch or less in diameter. There are two holes for hanging. The person who sold it to me said that it was from the late 50's and originally from Sweden..lovely isn't it. :)

i could never click such amazing pics of my sconce..picture from an etsy store

Mar 3, 2011

Friday Finds~~~Indian Movies and Danish Furniture inspirations :-)

I am a huge fan on old hindi movies (all the late 50's to early 70's) for a very crazy reason. All the drool worthy art direction and the very prominent mid century/danish influence on the decor. Super cool isn't it...want to see what I mean.

While you enjoy the very versatile Rafi on the soundtrack, and a handsome Sunil Dutt wooing a very pretty Saroja Devi ...look at all the Danish /mid century glory at work, beautifying the whole set. :). Dont miss the very prominent tea cart, dining set, hutch and the  yummy chairs and the entire living room set. And yes, dont forget the accent wall. Drool~~~

I can share a ton of such movie sets from my inspirations folder. I always wonder, as to what would have happened to all these wonderful accent and decor pieces after the movies were done being shot. I wish I could buy every piece which was ever a part of the Indian film industry...sigh!! Most of my time is spent researching whereabouts of furniture pieces i see in movies of that right!

Mar 1, 2011

Kamini's Guest post on my Green Blog

Hi Folks, Here is a must read guest post by the very talented Kamini (of Saffron and Silk and Zingara Girl). I had requested her to share her (and her husband's) experience with Hydroponics; And she obliged. This post is a must read for all you organic food patron (it is a must even if you are not!!)

I promise, you will be inspired!

Over to P&P for my guest post :)

Do not forget to check and comment on my guest post at P&P
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