Mar 22, 2011

Chettinad's Wood and Cane Daybed ~ Archana's Guest Post

While working on a post about daybed styles and period furniture, I remembered the very elegant cane and wood daybed I saw on Archana's Flickr stream. Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor needs no introduction in the Flickr and Blog world. The lady behind so many amazing photographs and a set of beautiful blogs, agreed to a guest post when I requested for information on the piece she has in her very beautifully done up home.  I am quite excited to have her write for The Design Enthusiast.

Here is her post on the daybed. 
" Of all the lovely design blogs out there, what really caught my attention in Sudha's blog was her passion and immense interests in the various styles of furniture. She researches the style, the period, the designers.... it's quite impressive. So when she asked me about our traditional daybed on which I have shot so many photographs of my everyday life, I had to brush up my memory!

Will share with you all, what I know of this simple but functional piece of furniture. We picked this cane daybed from Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. It is a style quite common in Chettiar homes. Made of seasoned Burma Teak and woven with cane, this piece is a beauty. Summers in southern India is intense and this furniture usually placed it between two open doorways provides respite.  The shape of the furniture helps recline and stretch one-self on a lazy summer afternoon.

A detailed view

Have seen this style with a Portuguese twist in Goa as well. What makes India so intriguing to me is the amalgamation of various styles!"

A special Thank you to Archana for the lovely post. :-). And it feels good to see such wonderful things being said about me and the blog (*smiles*).

A glance at my previous posts on thonet rocker and caned furniture, and you known for my love of wood and cane furniture. This piece certainly figures in the "must-have" list :-).

Pictures courtesy: Archana Srinivas


  1. you deserve every bit of kudos,...:-)

  2. "*blushing"...thats generous of you anu

  3. Such a lovely piece...I enjoyed Archana's post.

  4. oh.. what a lovely day bed.. Sure needs some space on its own... to stand out!! Gorgeous post.. Arch & Sudha!

  5. I love all things indian, there is more warmth in wood, cane etc... That's a lovely piece of furntiure and enjoyed the decor pieces and furniture in the prvious posts too.

  6. Such a sweet post--that's a lovely daybed, Archana!

  7. thank you so much guys...i was more than thrilled to have archana do this post...i had been drooling over her furniture ..god knows from when!

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