Jul 9, 2015

I am elated :) And here is why!!!!!

Its not everyday that the owner of an iconic company comments on your blog. I had written about Brumby and Rex rockers on The Design Enthusiast...."

. And was pleasantly surprised to see this in my inbox today 

" Anna Brumby has left a new comment on your post "Brumby Rocker ~ and my Rex Rocker":
I know this was a few years ago, but I just came across your blog and really enjoy it. Thank you for your comments on The Brumby Chair Company. While Rex has gone out of business, we are still rocking along. We have relauched our new website (www.brumbyrocker.com) and have added a company video on the history of the chairs, Brumby Chair historical catalogues dating back to 1912 and now offer online ordering. We have also expanded our offering to refurbishing all Brumby Chair Company products so that our customers can enjoy their Brumby Chair products for another 140 years. Thank you again for the mention and hope you'll visit us and follow us on all our new social media accounts. Thanks again, Anna Brumby"

Thank you Ms Brumby, from the bottom of my heart. I blog about what I believe are iconic pieces of furniture. It feels great to hear from people like you :)
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