Jan 20, 2010

Thank you Patricia

I had been lying low for the last ten days. Then I logged in to see what was new in the blog world. As usual, I checked the "I Visit" list of blogs. Seems like today was my day!...I had a surprise waiting in Patricia's - Colours Decor. She has started a new feature in her blog. - Co-Blog finds~~. I was looking forward to see her picks and didn't expect to find "The Design Enthusiast" find a mention....I am super excited to see my blog mentioned in her pick of the month list!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! It is quite overwhelming to be featured in one of the most happening design blogs in the blog-arena!

Jan 13, 2010

Pongal Nalvaazhthukkal

Pongal Nal Vaazhthukkal

Image source: wiki

Jan 6, 2010

Bed Frame Inspirations

Small spaces, apartment living and need for visually expansive spaces has popularized use of platform beds. I have been collecting design ideas and inspirations for a while now. Platform bed frames and low lying beds (with out a foot board) bring in the contemporary, minimalistic look and feel to a bedroom.

Here is a peek into my "inspiration" collection, pictures collected over time from various store catalogs (online), craigslist, and other random searches on the Internet.

First one is my all time favourite - A teak bed with detachable headboard and nightstands. However, cleaning under the bed might be an issue so I would want to increase the height using sleek metal or wooden legs.

source: midcenturymodernist.com
A very contemporary looking leather, metal and wood platform bed, with an option to clean under the bed!..lol
Image source: design-eu.com

Talking of contemporary, I couldn't miss posting this classic Scandinavian inspired Mid century bed frame. I seem to have a thing for wood and metal furniture!
Image source: Apartment therapy house tour

Another sleek looking cane and wood bed frame for a breezy tropical look

source: darvin.com

A Scandinavian-style inspired bed with a sleek looking headboard

Bed frame made with a detached headboard
Image source: Laxseries.com

This is how it would look when its all dressed up!

Image source:Laxseries.com

Another lovely bedroom with a contemporary vibe

source: flickr finds

Although I wouldn't prefer a foot board for my bed, I liked this bed frame

source: westelm
A plywood based platform bed

This was Aamir Khan's bed in Dil Chatha Hai :)

 Another contemporary wood and metal bed frame

Block platfrom - Japanese inspired bed frame

Image source: designspongeonline.com

Another Japanese Inspiration

A simple bed frame for a natural look

Contemporary bedroom with a bent plywood frame

source: productwiki.com

An interesting observation- Most platform beds seems to be Japanese inspirations...no other part of the world has these low lying beds

If we have the right kind of space and a house which could carry traditional decor well, it would be great to  have a very traditional canopy bed. Vineeta featured this in one of her posts

Or similar to the one featured by Bhavna in her post - India inspired Bedrooms

Depending on the over all feel one prefers, we could go eclectic with our decor choices and blend traditional Indian bed frames into a contemporary setting. A pleasant mix of contemporary and Indian could result in a heavenly looking bedroom/home.

Before you go about designing an Indian inspired bedroom, I would recommend that you read Sharon's post about getting the "Indian Inspiration" right. This is the link to her blog post - The Key Bunch.

If you love mixing trends and styles, then platform beds and the right set of add-ons and accessories would give us bedrooms which could look like this. Awesome!!

Image source: An Indian Summer

A few things to keep in mind while planning your bed and nightstands
  • It is better to place the headboard on the wall without windows
  • Place one single frame/art work over the headboard to bring in a sense of balance to the set up.
  •  It is better not to opt for shelves over the headboard. It helps in keeping the sleeping area free from clutter (Feng Shui) and helps you sleep better
  • In case you need additional storage, plan your shelves on either sides of the beds or in place of nightstands. Make sure that these shelves do not stretch beyond the height of your head board (this rule applies to every bed frame, irrespective of size, shape and style.)
Its all about loving your home!! Right :)

copyright: pictures found as part of internet searches. A few pictures were saved sometime back so I do not remember the source. No copyright violation intended. let me know if i have used ur images with out citing the source
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