Aug 27, 2010

Giveaway - Rainbow - The Colours of India

Sanghamitra of Rainbow- The Colours of India, announced a giveaway. It is a gift card from CSN stores (hence, the giveaway is open to readers from US and Canada only). Link to the giveaway post >>Here

Pic source : Rainbow- The Colours of India
I have been a reader of her blog for a while now and love the ideas she shares. What I like about her space is her Indian infused design scheme and use of vibrant colours. (She has aptly named her blog - Rainbow!!)

 Do visit her blog to enter the giveaway and good luck!

Aug 15, 2010

India Celebrates its 64th Independence day

Celebrating our 64th Independence day and 63 years of democracy, I take this opportunity to share a few articles on the design enthusiast. First, about the Flag itself. source: wiki

Pic: amazingindia(dot)net
It was quite saddening to watch a program on TV where the anchor was interviewing people and many of them could not answer a few basic question about the flag, and the country in general. None of them knew that the flag was designed by - Pingali Venkayya. (ok, ok...I know we cannot generalize) Is it too much to expect from Indian citizens that they know more about their nation? I know of instances where people mentioned "Vande Mataram " to be our national anthem (leave alone knowing anything about the national animal, flower or the bird.) We can do a lot better than this. 

Jai hind!

Aug 12, 2010

My Friend Ganesha

I dedicate this post to Preethi, the young lady behind "KALEIDOSCOPE".

She is a very dear friend and a wonderful person. I am glad to have met her on the blogosphere. She was the first to follow The Design Enthusiast and has encouraged me to continue updating this blog. She extended her love by sending me a special gift.

This Ganesha !!!

Isnt he the best!!! He looks wonderful and looks so comfortable doing his Riyaaz on my plant stand. (He seems to love the money plant a lot!!)

Thank you Preethi, for being the wonderful person that you are!! 

I take this opportunity to say my long pending Dhanyavaadh, Gracias, and Thank you to each and everyone who takes time out to be a part of my slice of blogland and has been following my posts. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me. Times have been tough time, and my blogs are what have kept me afloat. Thank you once again for your support.

Aug 9, 2010

Another giveaway - My Dream canvas

Anuradha, of My Dream Canvas, is on a Giveaway spree....She had a giveaway last month>> HERE

This time around, as promised earlier...she has opened the entry to people around the world...yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, she is giving away a wonderful pair of earrings

Pic courtesy: My Dream Canvas

Visit her blog> HERE and follow the instructions to be a part of the giveaway...all the best!!

Aug 6, 2010

DIY - IKEA Poang Cushion Cover

I bought this IKEA poang sometime back. It works well with my living room setting and is a great chair for lazing around and doing nothing!

I had requested my ma-in-law to stitch a slip on cover for the cushions. She repurposed an bedsheet (twin bed) into this lovely cover. I am glad she did it...the chair looks so different and the colours are so apt for Fall / Autumn.

A new cover brought in a lot of freshness and warmth into the decor and a light feel to the chair. Ah!.... talk about a single change making a major difference :).

Aug 3, 2010

Table Tops and more!!

Patricia of Colours Dekor announced a Table Top decor "show off" party. I am going to be among others who have showed off their beautiful homes and their table tops. All I have to do is to feature my tables on my blog and provide a link on her blog via inlinks...its that easy...why dont you join the fun...Here is the link to how to be a part of the Table Top August Fiesta

Here is a peek into my world, my tiny apartment and three tiny tables that reflect all thatz me :)

Had to show off my brass turtle :)

Isnt he too cute :)

Ok ok..I know he is getting too much attention....Lets move on to my brass inlaid table where I put my vintage lamp, a kamandalam and the urli....and of course the little smiling buddha

I clicked this sometime back....with my little turtle buddy floating in the urli (oops! I spoke about him again)

Last but not the least, a cane stool which actually works well as a plant stand for my snake plant, and the bamboo shoot....I have placed it below my favourite frame of an embroidered Elephant

So thats all about the tables in my tiny apartment...:)
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