Feb 28, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Overman AB

I am riding on a research high.. you ask me why!!...I am happy I found the make and name of the vintage Danish settee I featured a few days ago. It gives me a rush when I research my way into the name of a furniture line and read about all the hard work which went into a futuristic design..so ahead of its times.

Remember this settee...and the post about it >>here
image 2190684951-1

So orange and glorious...yes. Here is the information on the piece

Manufacturer: Overman AB
Region: Sweden
Time Line: 1950 - 70 (Circa)

A few more of these gorgeous pieces ...

 Overman AB, Love Seat
Beauties on aluminum legs

A chair to go with this settee...

Watch this space for more info on Overman AB (research in progress :). 

Feb 24, 2011

Artist Showcase ~ Abhilasha Jain of Mish Mash Design

I have been meeting amazingly creative designers and artists on my blog journey. Abhilasha of Mish Mash Designs is among the most inspiring artists who turned their dreams into reality. I really liked her work and couldn't wait to feature her work on the Design enthusiast.

She is the creator and designer at MISH MASH DESIGN...Mish Mash Design is a venture into hand Painted products. I love the finesse on her work, which includes cushion covers, Pillows and tote bags and fabric. All these are made of cotton silk and Organic Cotton. Here is how she describes herself - :)

I,Abhilasha am a dreamer,an art lover, a painter,a photographer and Jewellery designer and merchandiser by profession, who  have small set up where i make jewelery for my clients Design ideas come to me at anytime!!! ( be walking on the beach or be Dreaming!!!) some of which work out well and the others I guess were just a part of the experimentation.I don’t remember a time when I have not drawn or painted or infact been involved with anything creative.Though my work comes from no particular school of art, every piece of art is handmade,unique and done by single hand.

Her Designs are diverse and range from ethnic Indian, Tribal, Fun, Dreamer to some that simply can't be labeled. She is someone who loves what she does and it definitely reflects on her work

A Sneek Peek into her collection and description (in her own words)

Royal Collection- the entire collection is based n inspired by ethnic india. This collection includes Jodha -Akbar, Mumtaz -Shah jahan, Rajput princess and Prince

Tribal Collection - This collection is based on my own art work which is inspired by tribal theme. Tribal Man,Shy 
Woman,man & woman in love, Radha & Krishna

Dreamer Collection      : My Dream Girl in deep thoughts

Power of love               : Tribal mask inspiration

Mish Mash Potpourri    

Ethnic Golden Elephants & Lotus sutra, Indian puppets playing Didge, Ganesha & many baby Elephants, My blue Elephant 

To see more of her work, check out her blog. I am sure you will love her work and her blog as much as I do.

(here is the link folks...):   Mishmashdesign-abhilasha; and do not forget to follow her on the facebook page as well: facebook

Wishing Abhilasha all the best and many more creative projects in the years to come. :)

Feb 22, 2011

Design Enthusiast over at OUATT :)

Check out my post on Barrister bookcases over at Priya's Once upon a Tea Time..Design Stories. I hope that this post is among many more to come. Thank you Priya for letting me be a part of such a very versatile blog.

Feb 20, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Knoll chair

This was a rare wood trim Knoll international chair i picked up from a thrift store. Dint have space for it so had to let it go...:( 

I have been trying to research on this...seems like these were limited edition Knoll International chairs with the wood base and trim. Loved the burnt orange fabric on it. :)

Feb 17, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Danish Style Settee

A local CL seller has this vintage danish style settee..Love the burnt orange and aluminum leg combination. 

image 2190684951-1

image 2190684951-2

image 2190684951-3
Seller says "Vintage Danish style settee - very good overall condition, foam is good, base is sturdy. Some normal wear consistent with age. Signed, "Hurstline" under the sofa. Cushion is removable"

A little pricey for me but a good piece to put a very danish mod room together..what do you think! 

PS: Looking for more information on this line - manufacturer, year etc..help appreicated!...

here is post on my research about the settee...found out that it is Overman ..link to the update>>here 

Feb 16, 2011

Flickr Find

Found an interesting picture on flickr...A 1949 American Living room..and do you see what I see....

Living Room (1949)

An Antique Indian Panchloham (or may be Brass) idol on the table/credenza

Vintage Retro Lounge chairs ~ Update

I found that the chairs I wrote about in my earlier post were made by a company called Patrician. Not sure of the exact age/period (I am undecided if it from the 60's and 70's or is actually from the 50's). Anycase, anything well made and so cool looking needs an applause

source: ebay

Feb 15, 2011

Retro Metal Lounge Chairs ~ Vintage Love

I generally do not look for retro furniture. I am more of a clean lines, teak wood (danish) kind of person :). Also, vinyl is not my thing and I somehow do not connect with leather either. Having said all that, I could not resist sharing these really cool armless loungers for sale on local CL.

One look at them and their price, I was drooling!! Wouldn't you love these impressively vintage chairs, I assume from the 70'sA brief research dint get me anywhere till now...The seller has not put up much either. (any information on them, most welcome)

They seem extremely well made and have been maintained so well. I really admire people who take such good care of their furniture (crazy me!!). I am sure anyone taking it home will be very happy with the purchase :)

What I like about these loungers is that they have just the right amount of chrome accent on them and tufted look gives them a very streamlined, clean look (what say!)

Where these might work well
Such loungers look good when paired with a long couch

living rooms - white modern sofa black leather vinyl lounge chairs sisal rug silver ottoman square pouf white leather tufted cocktail table gold leaf mirror vintage chest gold sunburst mirror eclectic art gallery

 Imagine these lounge chairs instead of Eames classic ( The group chair) used in this setting

or here (not a huge fan of whites) but wanted to share the layout

I would really appreciate your comments and any information you might have about the make or exact period/style etc

Yay!! i found out more about the chairs...so look at this post as well >>> Vintage-retro-lounge-chairs-update

Feb 14, 2011

And We have a winner!!

Happy Valentine's day folks...I am here to announce the winner of the CSN Giveaway >>posted earlier

Congratulations !

who blogs over at

Thanks to each one of you who took time out to enter the giveaway. 

Feb 13, 2011

Hello to the new week :-)

Hope you all had a nice weekend...just wanted to remind you all of the CSN giveaway ending tomorrow midnight EST. If you haven't entered already...hurry now!>>Link to the post

Wishing you all a nice week ahead...:)..live well, live green and take care :)...before you leave, do check my post on Green Garmento on my green blog>>Green Crusader @ Work

Feb 11, 2011

A Mersman End table ~ neighbour's envy, Owners pride

I seem to have a thing for step tables...and something so well made...who can resist its charm...yum!..this piece is currently listed on local craigslist..


Awesomeness! "drooling right now :P"

These tables are generally a part of a typical mid century living room set up, paired with a single arm sectional sofa and/or loveseat(s) set 

or say this, 
Eye Candy...a few more MCM pieces from the Mersman's modern line

So what do you think..could you live with this?? (excuse my partiality to mid century, clean line furniture)

PS: (btw, doesnt the title remind of you of a certain Satan like character from an old (Indian) TV Ad) "smiles"

Feb 8, 2011

Friday finds - Accordion Style Sewing Cabinet

This post is specially for my ma-in-law and all those who love their needles and spools!In continuation to my feature on antique and vintage sewing machine>>HERE..

I tend to see sewing cases quite frequently in my antiquing trips. Among the few styles I have seen, let me share the ones which are called sewing cantliver (accordion style) cases.

this is how it looks... all opened up

another one
Pretty is'nt it!

This one has a cushioned top with tapestry fabric. I later came to know that the cushion was for sewing pins and needles.
one with out legs (a very rustic n shabby chic piece)

Vintage pieces are sold for anywhere between $50 to a few hundred dollars. If you are into sewing, I am sure you would want to own a preloved vintage/ antique one. I know my ma-in-law would love to....:)

Before I leave just a reminder about the CSN Giveaway on the Design Enthusiast

Feb 3, 2011

Colours Dekor meets The Design Enthusiast ~~~ Blog Swap with Patricia

Hi people...I have been invited to a blog swap meet by Patricia of Colours Dekor. (a part of her Friday mix party). She is one of the most popular bloggers on the Indian Decor blogs circuit. She is an amazing person and what I like the most about her is her personable approach to interacting with fellow bloggers and readers. (I secretly wish I could do it that well)...What I love about her blog is that she doesnt post borrowed pictures from popular magazines and presents wonderful content. Here is a chance to know more about one of the co-bloggers I admire...

So Ladies and Gentlemen...Over to Patty!

Hello everyone… Hope you are gearing up for the Weekend.. I’m Patricia Torres and I blog at Colours Dekor… Have you been to Colours Dekor?? Its my humble platform to talk about DIYs, wall paintings, home décor, table art, anything really…. that is related to home… and décor.. I love making something important out of the least important things at home… To me the kitchen & the toilet should look gorgeous.. *smiles*.

A little more about me… I’m a mom of two naughty girls… They keep me busy and inspired all the time.. It’s a race trying to keep up with them… I work in the finance industry… and my day job definitely has no creativity involved.. Hence Colours Dekor is my creative outlet… rather outburst… Do you agree??

I share Colours Dekor with a team who is as enthusiastic as I am… Hence we have a variety of topics related to homes ~ arts & crafts, DIYs, paintings, book reviews & even recipes!!

Oh.. and do join in the Weekend Wrap Up which is a blog party from Monday onwards… Thank you Sudha for blog swapping with me today… It was a pleasure being here.. *smiles*

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