Feb 24, 2011

Artist Showcase ~ Abhilasha Jain of Mish Mash Design

I have been meeting amazingly creative designers and artists on my blog journey. Abhilasha of Mish Mash Designs is among the most inspiring artists who turned their dreams into reality. I really liked her work and couldn't wait to feature her work on the Design enthusiast.

She is the creator and designer at MISH MASH DESIGN...Mish Mash Design is a venture into hand Painted products. I love the finesse on her work, which includes cushion covers, Pillows and tote bags and fabric. All these are made of cotton silk and Organic Cotton. Here is how she describes herself - :)

I,Abhilasha am a dreamer,an art lover, a painter,a photographer and Jewellery designer and merchandiser by profession, who  have small set up where i make jewelery for my clients Design ideas come to me at anytime!!! ( be walking on the beach or be Dreaming!!!) some of which work out well and the others I guess were just a part of the experimentation.I don’t remember a time when I have not drawn or painted or infact been involved with anything creative.Though my work comes from no particular school of art, every piece of art is handmade,unique and done by single hand.

Her Designs are diverse and range from ethnic Indian, Tribal, Fun, Dreamer to some that simply can't be labeled. She is someone who loves what she does and it definitely reflects on her work

A Sneek Peek into her collection and description (in her own words)

Royal Collection- the entire collection is based n inspired by ethnic india. This collection includes Jodha -Akbar, Mumtaz -Shah jahan, Rajput princess and Prince

Tribal Collection - This collection is based on my own art work which is inspired by tribal theme. Tribal Man,Shy 
Woman,man & woman in love, Radha & Krishna

Dreamer Collection      : My Dream Girl in deep thoughts

Power of love               : Tribal mask inspiration

Mish Mash Potpourri    

Ethnic Golden Elephants & Lotus sutra, Indian puppets playing Didge, Ganesha & many baby Elephants, My blue Elephant 

To see more of her work, check out her blog. I am sure you will love her work and her blog as much as I do.

(here is the link folks...):   Mishmashdesign-abhilasha; and do not forget to follow her on the facebook page as well: facebook

Wishing Abhilasha all the best and many more creative projects in the years to come. :)


  1. I love the Tribal Collection, as well as the Power of Love. Beautiful pieces!

  2. so true dana...they are really well made..aren't they!

  3. priceless !! i loved the royal tribal mish mash and everything else :)

  4. Thanks A lot sudha for featuring my work :-)
    Thanks all for liking it :)

  5. beautiful work. Wish you lots of luck for all your future endeavors.

  6. Every piece is beautiful and simply marvelous.

  7. Stunning work. Very talented indeed. I wish Abhilasha all the very best in her creative endeavors.

  8. Great work...one salute to banta hai...


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