Feb 28, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Overman AB

I am riding on a research high.. you ask me why!!...I am happy I found the make and name of the vintage Danish settee I featured a few days ago. It gives me a rush when I research my way into the name of a furniture line and read about all the hard work which went into a futuristic design..so ahead of its times.

Remember this settee...and the post about it >>here
image 2190684951-1

So orange and glorious...yes. Here is the information on the piece

Manufacturer: Overman AB
Region: Sweden
Time Line: 1950 - 70 (Circa)

A few more of these gorgeous pieces ...

 Overman AB, Love Seat
Beauties on aluminum legs

A chair to go with this settee...

Watch this space for more info on Overman AB (research in progress :). 


  1. thanks for digging it out :) I can imagine how it must have brought you so much peace :))

  2. thanks prachi..yes it is a relief :P

  3. Love the yellow one...and it would look great with the gray chair. Thanks for doing the research!

  4. Thanks Dana
    I loved the combo too :)


Thank you for your comment. You made my day!

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