Feb 8, 2011

Friday finds - Accordion Style Sewing Cabinet

This post is specially for my ma-in-law and all those who love their needles and spools!In continuation to my feature on antique and vintage sewing machine>>HERE..

I tend to see sewing cases quite frequently in my antiquing trips. Among the few styles I have seen, let me share the ones which are called sewing cantliver (accordion style) cases.

this is how it looks... all opened up

another one
Pretty is'nt it!

This one has a cushioned top with tapestry fabric. I later came to know that the cushion was for sewing pins and needles.
one with out legs (a very rustic n shabby chic piece)

Vintage pieces are sold for anywhere between $50 to a few hundred dollars. If you are into sewing, I am sure you would want to own a preloved vintage/ antique one. I know my ma-in-law would love to....:)

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  1. I love those accordian-style sewing boxes. I should look for one when I'm out thrifting. I'm using a little plastic box now that's bursting at the seams.

  2. Wow! Wow! and Wow! I have been searching for neat way to store my sewing supplies since the day I bought my first sewing machine. I am now using plastic boxes in all kinds of shapes and sizes! This is a great find. What a neat and tidy way to store. I love the blue rustic one without legs. The moment I saw this, I made up mind to own one of these!
    Older generations always had better knack to design neat, multi-purpose storage spaces! We have so much to learn from them :)

  3. i m glad you like it S...i would love to find one for you and bring it over on my next trp


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