Apr 18, 2011

wish list :)

I am a minimalist and have always maintained a very simple home. My husband and I make it a point to bring home only pre-loved items which have a story to tell. Everything we own currently is either vintage or just pre-loved (ok, except for two new pieces).

We have a long way to go before we make our dream home a reality. In the mean while, we are constantly updating our wish list.

Here is one set for the list...yum!

Left to right : A teak rocker, credenza for the TV, a sofa, and dining chairs...cool isnt it! I have a similar looking teak rocker already, just waiting for other beauties to come home. I would love to see you all share your inspirations too.. expanding my wish/choice list is always good, right!.

Apr 15, 2011

Friday finds ~ Brass Love - with updates :)

Found this beautiful brass and silver punch bowl (or may be dessert/ kheer serving set :)) 

Exotic isn't it!!!!! The seller described it as a mid century (1950-60) set from India. I am researching on the period and style (looks more like a middle east inspired set to me)..what say?

An update:
Thanks everyone for the love! With so many co-enthusiasts pouring in their comments and ideas, I thought updating this post with some information would be the best thing to do.

This bowl could be from India (according to the seller). But influence is Old world middle eastern/ persian. :). I say this with all due respect to Indian style and handicrafts. We (Indians) cannot deny inspirations and influences we have had from artisans across the world. Most of the etched brass / bidri work etc. , we see in India now, are said to be inspired from work which dating back to mughal empire (1526 AD - 1803 AD) and little before the mughal period( 1200 AD - 1500 AD). During the sultanate (reign), artisans were brought from persia to work and transfer skills to Indian artisans. Hence, the Persian (middle eastern ) influence on our handicrafts (from that period and later).

Art and architecture in the Indian subcontinent, prior to mughal reign (1 AD - 1200 AD), belong to various styles for example, Sangam era aesthetics (in the south), and Rashtrakuta (north western and central parts), Kakatiyas, Guptas, etc (in the Gangetic plains and Deccan plateau). Our history is very rich when it comes to patrons of art, crafts and architecture

Indian craftsmen have known to exchange ideas with every civilization existing during their times, all thanks to extensive trade and political dynamics (for example Greek invasion (180 BC - 1AD)- who can forget Alexander), and migrations from southern Siberia into GandharaKashmirPunjab, and into parts of Western and Central India,GujaratMaharashtra and Rajasthan.

I believe that our furniture, art and architecture have influenced rest of the world as much as we have been inspired.  Hope this information clarifies as to why most of our indian handicrafts look similar to this. . I would definitely like to know more (and feel free to send in corrections if any). 

Thank you for liking the post and stopping by to comment..love to see co enthusiasts share their views and ideas

Apr 11, 2011

How about a kitchen tour ~ Heart(h) and Home

Its been a while since I updated my food blog. What could be better than refreshing the archives with an inspiring kitchen tour. So hop over to Avial and Rasam, (my food blog) to devour this eye candy...yum!

Here is the link to see more.. Do leave a comment..I am sure you will love it as much as I did :-)

Apr 7, 2011

Friday Finds ~ Movies masti and magic. Indian movies and Danish /MCM inspirations.....MGR style!

I am back with my movies and art direction series...apologies for the long break in posting a song from my folder...So, dont you love all the gooey goodness in this set. What is not to love, wood tones, wall unit, long couch with such pretty side tables, lamps...dont miss the dining set in the long shot (Neils O Moller's teak set. yay!..:)..All set in a beautiful 50s inspired floor plan with a caned lattice screen/room divider and a welded iron room divider (sigh!), embossed wall, and all the beautiful details. I could just keep going.

While you devour all the the decor pieces and the set, enjoy a romantic number with a beautiful and very stylish  Jayalalitha and the evergreen MGR. (I dont mind their occasional jumping jacks)

View my other posts on Indian Cinema and Danish inspirations..

Apr 4, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Westnofa from Norway

I have been keeping away from craigslist for a while now. I dint want to get into the temptation of buying something and not being able to get it home for the lack of space. But a week was all I could hold out. (lol)...And found this beautiful set of Westnof teak frame loveseat and chair...lovely isnt it!..a little beyond my budget but whatz the harm in looking right!

Modern Scandinavia has a long line of wonderful designers and wonderful designs to its credit!...Norway's Westnofa has a long history of innovative design and quality construction. This is a classic Siesta chair and ottoman from Ingmar Relling's kitty. 

The famous "Siesta" chair and ottoman are said to capture the true Scandinavian flavor. This elegant chair with its proud profile was originally Relling's submission to the Norwegian Furniture Council competition in 1964, where he won a well deserved first prize. The Siesta is considered the most comfortable chair 
that conforms to your body.

The best part of this deal is that this seller also has a very rare loveseat from the same designer...sweet!

I am not a leather lover..but really appreciate the beautiful piece!

The number of museums this chair is displayed:
Röhsska Museet, Göteborg
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (s. engl. Wikipedia)
Die Neue Sammlung, München
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, (zugehörig zum Smithsonian Institution)
The National Design Museum, New York, (zugehörig zum Smithsonian Institution)
Smithsonian Institution, New York
Nationalmuseum Oslo, Oslo

PS: images courtesy craigslist seller 

Apr 1, 2011

Antique Chairs and more vintage love ~ Guest post ~ Shalini a.k.a. Kamakshi Diamond

While on the blogging journey, I meet wonderful people who, I feel like I have known for ever. Sharing simple things about day to day living - joys, sorrows and of course blog topics, brings us closer.  I tend to forget that I would have never met or spoken or seen them in person. Sweet isn't it...One such very lovable person is Shalini who blogs over at Sanctified Spaces. Her blog is a true reflection of her simple, down to earth and creative personality. She writes about things she admires and loves- food, general musings and thoughts, travels and temples. One such post I really loved was about her ancestral home and her Grandfather. It took me back to times I spent with my granddad and my recollection of his influence on me.

When I requested her for a blog post, she obliged..and as promised in my previous post, here is her lovely write up on antique chairs. I am sure you will fall in love with the pieces and her post as much as I did.

over to Shalini :-)

When Sudha from Design Enthusiast asked me to do a guest post,I was thrilled to bits.I love the fact that she features individual pieces of eclectic furniture and pares it down to its period,style and utility.Great information for Antique aficionado's.So this post took me on a trip to research chairs.So I promptly landed up at Mr.Prabhakaran's home for a tour.He was generous enough to take me around his home and answer all my queries.To read up more click here.All images are from his home.

Check this gorgeous Antique beauty.This is a 110 year old easy chair.Vintage furniture at its best.Made of cane for the seating& back rest with rosewood frame.This is known as Grandpas chair.The related model for this chair is the planters chair.Its clearly in a Pristine condition given its age.

Meet the mother of all chairs.This is the Connemara Chair.This was found largely in the Connemara Library in Chennai and hence the name.This is a Colonial piece designed beautifully in rosewood.A stunner indeed.Less backaches I believe,user info.A stunner indeed.

This is another beauty in Burma Teak,a corner chair in colonial stlye

Another corner chair in rosewood colonial stlye.What a pleasure to read in this chair.

A rocking Chair with a caned seat and back in teak wood.The style is Indian.

Antique Reading chair in rosewood with slots for papers and even a cup holder which is broken.Style:Colonial

Cane reading chair in Burma Teak,Style:Indian

Rosewood,Reading/folding  chair,Colonial

I wish I could own one of these vintage pieces.So beautifully designed.I thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece.Thank you Sudha for this wonderful opportunity.


thank you Shalini for such a lovely write up and beautiful images. I could have never compiled such an exhaustive post on Indian furniture classics. 
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