Dec 25, 2011

Wishes for new beginnings and celebrations

Dec 12, 2011

Kitchen tour ~ Over at the Food blog

Up for some yummy Tuscan inspired goodness! hop over to my food blog for a lovely kitchen tour

Dont forget to leave your comments :)

Dec 8, 2011

House Beautiful ~ At home with Shweta Sharma

I came across Shweta's blog - Hastkala and her lovely home pics and requested her for a sneak peek. Her home is a neat and classy place with love and personality oozing from every corner. 

She won me over when she said " I believe in recycling, reusing and recreating the best out of waste. I believe in living a life which is healthy for me and healthier for the planet." People who know me would know why I was impressed by this talented lady who is not only an artist but also a wonderful photographer :). You must see her clicks to see what I mean. 

Now, a peek into her space -
Shweta say "I have never designed or decorated any home before I got married and moved into mine. It is so daunting to have a place of your own and then to make it comfy and cozy as a home should be. I must say it didn't come to me in one day. It took me months to understand  that a creative mind blooms in a creative home/space."

 A green and welcoming entryway. Ganapati ji with candle and plants are the first thing you spot when you enter her home. I couldnt help admiring the lovely iron and glass table with leaves and tiny birds; and neatly lined terracota pots

A close up

She says" Ganapati ji with candle and plants are the first thing you spot when you enter my home. This year I'd planted so many tulsi plants that the extra ones are sitting at the entrance greeting everyone"

I feel that every home evolves with time. Patience and thought behind everything we buy matters. That way our home reflects our personality rather than looking like a popular store's catalogue.

Love her Ganesha collection

Shweta adds "It is very simple and a little complicated like me :) It is colourful, cheerful and cozy. My style is very eclectic. I love Indian arts and handicrafts . They remind me of India, where my heart resides."

I am drooling ~ a very charming workspace :)

All the artwork has been done by her 

She has a lovely Ganesha collection 

A serene bedroom 
It is feels good to see all the personal touches given to a rental apartment given all the space and color constraints 
Thank you, Shweta, for letting us peek into your lovely home

Pictures: shweta @ Hastkala
PS: do check out her blog and her artwork

Nov 28, 2011

Store Profile ~ Preethi Prabhu's Indya Kaleidoscope

If you are looking for  exquisite and functional pieces of art n craft for your home, with the icing on the cake being affordability – IndyaKaleidoscope is the place to go.

About IndyaKaleidoscope(IK) 
From making candy jars using age old lacquer technique of Channapatna - to incorporating traditional materials into contemporary lifestyle products- IK is on a grand mission.
Founder /Owner
Preethi Prabhu needs no introduction. She is the very talented and creative lady behind the Blog - IndyaKaleidoscope. Preethi gave up a secure job as an IT professional to follow her dreams and passion for Indian culture and heritage to start this design journey.

Nov 26, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Teak chairs

Found these amazing teak and fabric chairs on local C'list today. Never seen such design earlier...:)..thgt id ask my mcm enthusiast friends for information

source: c'list

The seller has priced these beauties (set of 8 chairs) for $100..I am sure they will go to a loving home very soon :)

Nov 24, 2011

Media mentions ~ DE featured

Apartment Therapy ~ Renest ~ Great Outdoors



Organic Balcony Garden


Thank You Kaleidocsope 


Thank you Patricia :)

My Feature on Prismma

Nov 22, 2011

Dreamy :)

Found this impressively designed Megaphone and couldnt resist sharing :).


Designers::Henry Bosa, a product and interior designer
                      Isabella Lovero, product and jewelry designer

About this yummy plug and play device...called...Megaphone :)
"Passive Amplifier for iphone made of ceramic. the form is designed to amplify and optimize the best sound output. the amplifier is based on a thin wooden frame that allows the object to float off the table. this in order to increase the vibration of the object and to optimize the emission of sound. designed for the iPhone is perfect for listening music without headphones, for audio conference to hear the person on the phone as live voice.
Compatible with iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch with case." 

Here is how it sounds...

Want to know more about the designers and their projects....hop over to - enandis designs

Image and content via

Nov 10, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Marcy's Saginaw Wall Unit

Marcy of rhanvintage recently shared her new(old) Saginaw wall unit. I couldnt help documenting it under my Vintage love series. I am on a serious wall unit and credenza hunt this very moment and hope to find something this nice very soon :)

It looked like this when she bought it... 

Her and her husband's hard work and patience made it look like this

I am drooling over the beautiful curves and the stacking design . (Another serious one for the wish list) :-). It is such a wonderful addition to her beautiful furniture collection. Want to see more of her wonderful home. Do check out the tour I shared earlier.>> Here.

Images: Marcy @ Rhanvintage :)

Nov 7, 2011

House beautiful ~ At Home with Tanya

When things dont go your way, sit back, relax and recoup to start all over again. Over the last few days, I did just that. And am back with a lovely home tour. We will be at home with Tanya of dans-le-townhouse. A Phd candidate, amazing DIYer and an excellent blogger. She is amazing...And her town house is as amazing as she they say pictures speak for themselves. So lets get going on the tour

A very crisp and welcoming entryway

Tanya says.....

"Well, my husband and I are first-time homeowners but don't plan to live here very long - a total of approximately five years (hopefully the time it takes to complete my PhD!).  So we don't have the financial flexibility to make major improvements, nor can we personalize our house too much (must be sellable!).  But we have tackled what we could: re-doing the bathrooms, laying hardwood floors upstairs and giving the kitchen a "spit & polish," as I like to call it (new tiling, counters and refinished cabinet fronts).  Almost everything, renovation-wise, was (and is) a DIY project."

A glimpse of the Main floor which includes, the kitchen, dining area and the living room

Love the wonderful ottoman/coffee table with the super cool sofa

Another vintage chair with the ottoman...just swept me off my feet....and the fireplace looks yum!

Tanya's decorating mantra~ 

"In terms of decorating, we've chosen a mix of investment pieces and inexpensive "just for now" items.  Things we know we can use in our next place I don't mind splurging on - like the custom upholstery job on the vintage chair in the guest room.  But that's an exception because, with the help of our talented family, we tend to DIY. From the headboard I designed that my grandpa welded to the "Sigh" painting in the guest bathroom I DIY'd, we try to fill our home with things that are handmade and special to us. "

Lets take the stairs the next floor

She is a DIY queen...look at this awesome headboard she made herself

The "Sigh" poster and the guest room chair she upholstered

More about the house...."We painted all the walls, ceilings and trim a crisp white that allows the punches of colours I've scattered around to really pop.  Although I have DIY'd much of our art, we also have pieces by my husband's grandfather, mother, my mother and my grandfather.  I like the bright, spacious, gallery feel we have created out of a formerly run-down and neglected nightmare.

I know from her posts that she loves silhouettes...I really love the wall in their home office

A peek into the guest bedroom

Dont you love all the artwork

A persistent DIYer that she is.... she did a great job with back splash in her kitchen...I loved the finishing touches...(they needed a special mention!!)

"But, like most homes, it is a work in progress.  Along with tweaking what we have already done and finishing up some little projects, we have one major project left: a basement makeover.  We'll be starting as soon as the snow falls and it might be our most challenging project yet!"

Lovely kitchen

I cant get enough of every inch of their space...loved the master bathroom 

Fit for the queen isnt it :)

Here's the half bath on the main floor

 I was so pleased when I received her pictures. Thank you Tanya, for letting us peek into your beautiful home. 

To see how talented this young lady is, I strongly recommend you all to check out her DIYs and very inspiring posts on her blog - dans-le-townhouse.

One of the most lovable DIYs was the Felt Billy Button she made...

looks super cool..So do check it out

Oct 31, 2011

Guest Post ~ Anu's Diwali Decor Ideas and Inspirations

Anu of My Dream Canvas needs no introduction. Her blog and her flickr stream have been a major source of inspiration for me. Anu is a versatile blogger, an amazing photographer and a very genuine and down to earth person. She is a busy mom of two tiny tots, an entrepreneur and a busy blogger. 

When I requested her to write for The Design Enthusiast, and she promptly sent in her ideas and inspirations for TDE readers.  Herez her post about Diwali at her place....


Sudha of The Design Enthusiast has been a friend ever since I began blogging. I admire Sudha as a person and she has always encouraged and supported me since I began My Dream Canvas. Today, I am delighted to be writing a post on Diwali here at The Design Enthusiast :-)

It was a wonderful week preparing for Diwali and finally the big day arrived :-) The key ingredients for my Diwali are family, friends, flowers and diyas! Diwali evening begins with a Puja at home followed by the lighting of the diyas. When I moved to the US eleven years ago, I have to admit that the first few Diwali's were  filled with nostalgia. I would miss India terribly and it would be an effort to partake in the celebrations and rituals. Over the years that has changed. Today, Diwali is about tradition and enlightening my two children about our culture and the symbolism of Diwali. My kids love this season beginning with Diwali, followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and then culminating with Christmas :-)

Diwali decor for me is nothing and the glow of the diyas, tealights and candles seem to set the mood for me! I tend to reuse a lot of things that are already in my home. I could go on talking about Diwali decor tips but I think you all know yourself and create your own style. The best decor accesory for Diwali is to have your home filled with happiness and laughter. When you have that your home will look naturally beautiful and it shall be a Diwali to remember!

Images: Anuradha Varma@ My Dream Canvas.

 Thank you Anu for this wonderful post. The admiration is mutual, may be more from my side. :-). Glad to have you at the design enthusiast. Looking forward to another post from you...

Hope you all had a great diwali

Oct 24, 2011

Guest Post ~~ Vintage Love ~ Danish Dining

Jacob Hamilton from Arcadia Lighting approached me with the idea of a guest post. A few emails later, I had this wonderful post from his team. It goes with my blog theme, writing about vintage furniture and my love for clean line design. I am glad Jacob chose this topic and has provided wonderful design read on


Hi, I'm Susi, from Arcadian Lighting where you'll find gorgeous lighting fixtures and lamps.  I love visiting blogs like The Design Enthusiast. Vintage Love this week focuses on Danish Dining, specifically Danish Modern.  This mid-century modern style is a hot collectible right now that has spawned new editions of classic designs as well as tons of copy cats.  Danish Modern style extends beyond the borders of Denmark to include the other Scandinavian countries.

Here are eight of our favorite Danish dining spaces filled with gorgeous Danish Modern style. Enjoy!
Danish Dining
This vintage Danish Modern furniture filled space displays the pieces that have become classics today. Warm teak wood, clean lines and modern designs create the signature look of Danish Modern.
Danish Dining
Classic Danish Modern chairs by Hans Wegner set the design for this contemporary dining room.  Mid-century Modern designs by Danish designers feel as contemporary today as they did a half century ago.
Danish Dining
Danish dining is all about form and function.  Tables that expand to accommodate bigger dinner parties can also shrink for intimate meals.  Chairs are gorgeously sculptural.
Danish Dining
A simple Danish Modern table is the perfect backdrop for more sculptural bentwood dining chairs.  Mixing straight lines and curves is typical in Danish Modern dining room furniture.
Danish Dining
Comfortable upholstered dining chairs by Eero Saarinen invite you to linger over dessert in this Danish influenced dining room.  Love the lines of the modern light fixture and lamps. Teak and rosewood are popular choices of wood for Danish Modern dining tables.
Danish Dining
Danish designed chairs, like these by Arne Jacobsen, are so versatile. Pair them with other Danish and modern designs or even with a rustic table for an eclectic look.
Danish Dining
One of the most versatile pieces of Danish dining room furniture is the credenza or buffet. Made typically of teak, these pieces can work in the dining room or living room in a modern room.
Danish Dining
While not truly Danish, one of the lead designers when we think of Danish Modern design is Eero Saarinen, who was Finnish. His Tulip table is one of the most versatile modern designs and can be paired with the Tulip chairs or any stylish dining chair. Looks totally at home here with a traditional painting and wall sconce.

Interested in discovering the latest lamp trends for your home? Check out Arcadian Lighting for some inspiration! Images: ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )

I hope you have enjoyed the post as much as I did sharing it!!

Disclaimer: I am not a part of Arcadia lighting nor earn any revenue from them in any form. 
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