Jul 14, 2011

House Beautiful ~ At Home with Marcy

I am back with another very beautiful home from San Fernando valley, LA, California.

Marcy, a very inspiring blogger, calls herself an admitted addict; to all things vintage, with a super soft spot for mid century modern. She says, she cannot resist thrift store, estate sale or flea market, neither can I..:-). Marcy loves and appreciates old wares and always saves vintage furniture. 

She lives in a 1950's, 1600 sq feet - 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a pool. Lets start our tour with the Welcoming Exterior...
Planters picked up at estate sales  

A beautiful set of 50's metal chairs with wonderful back detail. She stripped and painted them and added new upholstery..

Another pair of pretty chairs ...

And now lets move on to the pool side, shall we!!  

Moving indoors ~~ Living Area ~ can't stop admiring the wood panels on the ceiling, and the fireplace.. The house went through a few renovations.  It was not original 50's fabulous when they bought it, but had a few 70's updates.  The previous owner had put up a popcorn ceiling and Marcy tore down the popcorn ceiling to reveal the original wood on the ceiling.

I LOVE her furniture pieces, all so carefully chosen and well put together...:)

and now to the other part of the living room

I am in love ~ with that wall sculpture, that super cool day bed, the slipper chair and the teak lamp!!! oh my I could go on...

Dresser close up!! Dont you love the dresser and its presence in the family/living area

The dining area folks ~ Love the dining set and the hutch... :-)

And then the bedroom :-) ~~   so calm and serene....I love the little birdie decal 

Before you can gulp in all the homeyness in this house, wait to be swept off your feet ~  her amazing kitchen

I could cook and eat in here...all day :)

A delicious tour isn't it. I am still waiting for all the goodness to sink in :-)......

Marcy says "My choice of home would be the quintessential 1960's mid century modern minimalist with beamed ceilings, wide open spaces and floor to ceiling windows. Hopefully our next home is just that!"  

I wish her all the best and hoping that her wish for her dream home comes true. Thank you Marcy for sharing your beautiful home on the Design Enthusiast. 

Pictures copyright: Marcy of Rhan Vintage - the blog and the etsy store : Please do not use /copy with out permission


  1. Marcy has such wonderful taste. She's always showing us great things she's found for her shop, so it doesn't surprise me that her home is so gorgeous. I'm sure her nursery will be amazing too. Great post, Sudha!

  2. Thank you for the post Sudha! I feel so honored that you featured my home.

  3. Wow ! Marcy, You have a gorgeous home... I love the minimalistic approach that you have adapted - clean lines and less clutter - so my kinda home.... So beautiful....And I am in love with all those lovely white chairs, planters, bedroom and the fireplace.... !!!

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post , Sudha.. Have a fab weekend !!

  4. Nice and bright sunny house. I love the kitchen very much.

  5. The vintage furniture is to die for! It reminds me of a lot of furniture we used to get round here in the 1970's :D. Beautiful home.

  6. so true anu,...you shoudl check my posts on vintage furniture in indian cinema :)

  7. Great home tour! A pool? Swoon. I agree with you: her furniture placement is perfection. The home looks so fresh and spacious with perfect hits of vintage.

  8. Beautiful home. love planters and white chair and Dresser in family room. wood ceiling is my favorite. gorgeous!

  9. Really love the subtle use of color here and that asian-inspired lane coffee and sofa/hallway table set is to die for. I'm actually picking up the coffee table from that set in a few weeks.


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