Jul 25, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Pascoe Plywood and Iron Side Chairs

I have spoken about my love for using wood and metal in furniture design. But then use of metal has to be in simple and clean lines for me. When I saw these on another blog I follow, I had to share it :-) 

 (circamidcentury blogspot com)
This chair were designed in late 1951by Clifford Pascoe for Modernmasters Inc, and was included in the 1952 Museum of Modern Art Good Design show. This chair has a bent/sculptural molded plywood backrest, black metal frame, and a vinyl upholstered seat. Pascoe chairs are considered a cheaper reproductions of Paul Mccobb's chair, the #1535 side chair of the Planner Group. 

Another reproduction of Paul McCobb was out in 1960: A design by Reilly-Wolfe 
Pascoe (year: 1952/53)
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A huge thank you to Jonathan of http://paulmccobb.blogspot.com), Here is what he has to say on identifying the original Paul McCobb vs equally good looking Pascoe's chairs :)\

How do you tell them apart? Here's a list of the major differences:
  1. Paul McCobb chair has a metal stretcher across the bottom between the front and rear legs, the Pascoe chair does not have this.
  2. Clifford Pascoe chair incorporates an upholstered foam rubber seat, the Paul McCobb chair a carved wooden seat.
  3. Where the Pascoe chair uses bolts through the back of the backrest to attach it to the iron uprights, the McCobb backrest is connected invisibly at the bottom of the backrest.
  4. The McCobb backrest is more sculptural and less angular than the Pascoe backrest     
  (source:  paulmccobb blogspot)

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    These chairs would look so good in a sunroom, breakfast nook or a balcony..I am sure whoever buys it will be pretty happy :). These pieces work well in small spaces, as they are stack-able and contrary to their looks are pretty comfortable. What I love about clean line furniture, is the airy and well ventilated affect they bring to any decor :)..But then, as I always say, they have to be done right!!


    1. Those are wonderful. I wish I had room for a small breakfast table with similar chairs.

    2. @ Dana
      I was thinking about you, when i saw them :)

    3. Unfortunately when circamidcentury was condensing the information from my original blogpost on http://paulmccobb.blogspot.com he got some of the information wrong. The original article is still available to be read at http://paulmccobb.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-identify-paul-mccobb-bentword.html

    4. thank you for the update Jonathan. :)

    5. This is an eye opener for me. Very informative. Doing a good job Sudha.

    6. No problem Sudha. One thing I feel I must mention though is that the chairs you have marked as Paul McCobb are actually the 1960 Reilly-Wolfe version. The devil is in the details :-)

    7. wow Jonathan, there I go again...so much confusing..no wonder you mention misattribution :)


    Thank you for your comment. You made my day!

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