Jul 25, 2011

Movies, Masti and Magic...Hindi Cinema and Danish/MCM

Bollywood and Regional movies showed us credenzas and dressers which were what the film stars could afford!. Notice the eclectic decor in this movie set : Anand Special focus on the 6 drawer at the back everything else which went into making this "home" while enjoying the song.

Did you notice the danish modern Sled leg credenza, the Lane(??) dining set,  hollywood regency style sofa and chairs, the dining table and chairs. The chair in which the Rajesh Khanna's friend and wife are sitting is a cool chaise with the danish modern look.


  1. Quite a few of our sled leg credenzas come from England. I wonder if some of the ones in these films did too.

  2. You really have an eye to look ! I like the chair i the corner, behind the sofa.

  3. @Dana
    maybe, most of the production units had enough money :)..indian movies are made with a lot of money..so i am sure they were imported

    thanks for the compliment..yes i have always looked for furniture and admired the art direction in a screen shot, rather than looking at the sizzling stars :)

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