Dec 18, 2010

Friday Finds - Peacock Fireplace screen

It is really cold outside, temperatures are expected to fall in the coming weeks...and it is the season to curl up in front of a fireplace. A cup of hot chocolate and a nice book would be more than perfect! On that note..let me share this week's find. A fire place screen to dress up even the most drab fireplace. A very dear friend  showed it to me on our (virtual) antiquing trip :P.

This is how it looks when folded 

And then all opened up! Amazing isnt it...I was in total awe when i saw the ad...Solid brass and well made 

Image via craigslist

Talking of peacocks, and how could I forget Gagan - of peacocks and paisleys :).

Dec 9, 2010

Friday Finds : A Vintage, Dual Purpose High Chair

This friday, I am all set to share an amazing two in one baby chair. As usual, I found it on one of my trips on the Craigslist.

High chairs are nothing unusual, but ones which convert into multi purpose furniture, are a rare find. This one won me over as it is a vintage one.(Ah! is'nt it something i love). 

This pretty piece comes with a caned seat and back and a leather strap to support the baby.

and then, it converts into a rocking chair for the baby!

Lovely vintage support system

Beautiful isnt it!..I wish i knew more about this piece, it seems to be unmarked and is on sale for $100 :)...Let me know if you have any information about such pieces.

Pics courtesy: furniture owner via craigslist

Dec 3, 2010

Once Upon a Tea Time....Design Stories Annouces a Giveaway

It is raining giveaways. :)...Priya of Once Upon a Tea time..Design Stories has announced a $50 Anthropologie sponsored giveaway on her blog. I am super excited. 

However, the giveaway is for Residents on the other side of the Atlantic... she has promised to organize a giveaway to international audience as well (soon). Rules are very simple so what are you waiting for!!!...:) All the best folks

PS: If you missed the link in the post here >>Giveaway time: $50 Anthropologie gift card

Dec 2, 2010

Patricia's Hand Painted Feature Wall (with updates)

Dont you just love this feature wall...All hand painted and wonderfully done!

Wondering where i picked this picture from? It was a feature wall in Patricia's previous home. I was hoping to write about hand painted feature walls but then decided to dedicate a post to this fabulous wall art

sneek peek via a mirror on the opposite wall...
Colours used

Work in Progress
The peacock was painted free hand.. most of the borders were done with normal water based paint for walls... The peacock was done using acrylic.. and shadings were done with pencil, pastels and crayon!!

All done...Beautiful feathers!

The Elegant!

A glimpse of the entire painting and the wall

Anyone familiar with the Home Design & Decor blog scene would surely know Patricia, of the Colours Dekor. She is among those is always encouraging and appreciative of fellow bloggers and takes time out to interact with them. An amazing lady who is open to ideas and is personal with her blog post and her comments on others' blogs. (oh yes! I can keep going)

Patty! do what you are doing and we all love you for that :)...Wishing you many more wonderful blogging years ahead! Looking forward to all the wonderful things you are doing with your new home!

Read more about the hand painted wall >> Here and many more wonderful things on her blog >> Here

An update: A very dear friend and a wonderful blogger, Rashmi of Ethnic Indian Homes had done a post on Patricia's wall earlier (thanks patty for sharing this as well)...It is a complete DIY guide to how this wall was done...a must read :) - HERE

Pictures courtesy : Patricia  
Thankyou patty for the pictures...your pics make the blog look beautiful!! 

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