Dec 9, 2010

Friday Finds : A Vintage, Dual Purpose High Chair

This friday, I am all set to share an amazing two in one baby chair. As usual, I found it on one of my trips on the Craigslist.

High chairs are nothing unusual, but ones which convert into multi purpose furniture, are a rare find. This one won me over as it is a vintage one.(Ah! is'nt it something i love). 

This pretty piece comes with a caned seat and back and a leather strap to support the baby.

and then, it converts into a rocking chair for the baby!

Lovely vintage support system

Beautiful isnt it!..I wish i knew more about this piece, it seems to be unmarked and is on sale for $100 :)...Let me know if you have any information about such pieces.

Pics courtesy: furniture owner via craigslist


  1. I tried so hard to put Sara into a high chair or a stroller for that matter..madame doesn't like being chair/strap bound for a second.

  2. That was an awesome find Sudha, I remember seeing something similar in my grandparents home years ago..

  3. This one is a real collector's item... It is always amazing to see creative and multi-purpose furnishings.

  4. your space is interesting. I like the other blog too. The photo (in the header) is very beautiful.

  5. i was given the same high/rocker chair when my daughter was born in 1991, from an elderly german couple who were friends of my parents. they said their son had used it. thats all i know about it.... any other info on the history would be interesting!

  6. i was given the same high/rocker chair to me when my daughter was born in 1991, by a german couple from germany that said the used it for their son. thats really all i know, would like some history on it, can't find anything!

  7. New in 1986. I bought one. Hope that helps. :)


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