Aug 31, 2011

Movies masti and magic...International Influence on Indian Cinema

While on my research about the influence of international design. fashion and music on Indian cinema, I keep my eyes open for design trends and art Direction choices in Indian regional and hindi cinema over the years. This song is a classic example of what international influence on Indian Cinema in the mid century and until early 70's.

Each time I post a song, I spot design classics and decor pieces in the video. This time around, I would love you guys to do that for me :)

So, while you enjoy the very pretty Mumtaz and the versatile Mehmood sahab sway to a song sung by Manna Dey and Usha Mangeshkar, play the spotting game...will you :)?!! (The video also includes a very handsome Shashi kapoor and Kishore kumar in a "disguise" :-)

In general, most of the art directors picked stuff they liked from the international scene and imported stuff or custom made them for the sets. I love the way they made everything work for an Indian storylin and with other Indian isnt it!!

Aug 26, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Hairpin leg Iron bucket chairs

My parents-in-law own this pair of vintage chairs, very well made , probably by a local contractor/blacksmith. They also may be among the mass produced ones in India in the early 60's. MIL inherited them from her parents. The original nylon weaving is still intact! Cool isn't it

They were a set of 4 such chairs, and three are still with the family (not sure what happened to the fourth one). 

Aug 14, 2011

While on Vacation ~ Celebrations time!

I am in my hometown, Hyderabad, India, and celebrating festivals and participating in rituals. Had the varalakshmi poojai on friday

and the last year's arrangements in atlanta looked something like this

I liked being with family this year...:)..before I say bye for now, wishing everyone a very happy independence day.
(saluting the Indian flag!!)

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Aug 11, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Scoop Chair with arms!

My hand and shoulder injury have been keeping me away from blogging. I have been on the system only when it is really necessary, so blogging has taken a back seat. (snifff!!). My cousin spotted this chair on SF craigslist and sent me the link (sweet!!), and I had to share it here :)

Item: Scoop Chair
Manufacturers: Carter Brothers, Salisbury, NY
Period: Circa 1950
Status: Awesome, Drooling!

Made from a single piece/plank of plywood, bent to form the body of the chair. 
image 1

Measures: 23" wide x 19" deep seat, 21" high back, 13" to 10.5" seat height, 30" top of back to floor. Legs are removable. Weighs about 16 pounds.
image 0

The seller says " This chair can also be found with a single cushion, but the two cushion one is very rare and was discontinued in 1958."

Nominally priced for a vintage MCM piece, in beautiful condition. I admire people who maintain their homes and their furniture/furnishings well!! 

Aug 4, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Danish Bookcase /bookshelf

Lack of space, else this beauty would have been in my house right now!!
image 0

image 1

unmarked, but so well made!..I fell  in love with those legs :P

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