Aug 14, 2011

While on Vacation ~ Celebrations time!

I am in my hometown, Hyderabad, India, and celebrating festivals and participating in rituals. Had the varalakshmi poojai on friday

and the last year's arrangements in atlanta looked something like this

I liked being with family this year...:)..before I say bye for now, wishing everyone a very happy independence day.
(saluting the Indian flag!!)

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  1. Hey sudha!!! Cool you are in India. Oh!! we missed each other by few weeks. Have a fun stay in India.

  2. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your visit to India.

  3. Happy Independence day...enjoy.....

  4. I love that house for the God, it is so pretty. Where can we get it?
    Happy independence Day!
    Have fun in India. if you are in Bangalore do drop in.

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    yes shanthi, it would have been great to meet..i wanted to see your momz place :)
    @rama, it is a very old one, custom made :)

  6. Beautiful Sudha, I love all the rituals, the spiritual aspect, the get together with family/friends, food, just the general ambiance of it all. Glad you are having a good time:):) Beautiful photos.

  7. stunning Sudha!! Stunning!! Its always nice to be at home.. to celebrate festivities.. There is a different kind of feeling.. Have a fabulous time.. Enjoy every minute!!

  8. Absolutely fab decoration of the goddess. It was fun talking to you. Wish I could get a share of your delicious lunch.

  9. Really like the Lakshmi devi's decoration!! Saree and ornaments woww devi maa is looking so devine :)

    I'm getting prepared to do pooja this friday and stumbled upon your blog while looking for ideas to decorate amma.

    Did you stick that saree and how did you made Vaddanam? Please reply if you see this message.

    and also please visit my blog :

  10. thank you is a regular sized blouse piece which i pleated and then ironed...I did not stick it. vaddanam is a simple chain with a pendant tied at theback...everything is a DIY of some sort..nothing store bought.

  11. Thanks for your reply Sudha, You decorated amma very beautifully.I dont have pattu blouse with me but I will try to decorate her with whatever I have.

    But this helped me get some ideas :) and also thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Please do visit my blog when you get a chance.


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