Nov 28, 2011

Store Profile ~ Preethi Prabhu's Indya Kaleidoscope

If you are looking for  exquisite and functional pieces of art n craft for your home, with the icing on the cake being affordability – IndyaKaleidoscope is the place to go.

About IndyaKaleidoscope(IK) 
From making candy jars using age old lacquer technique of Channapatna - to incorporating traditional materials into contemporary lifestyle products- IK is on a grand mission.
Founder /Owner
Preethi Prabhu needs no introduction. She is the very talented and creative lady behind the Blog - IndyaKaleidoscope. Preethi gave up a secure job as an IT professional to follow her dreams and passion for Indian culture and heritage to start this design journey.

"The journey has just begun and there is a lot to accomplish" says Preethi.
Techie dwells an urban niche for rural artisans

Preethi’s vision for IK
Make good quality traditional arts and crafts available to people who want them.  “Though this is our major focus, it is not our USP” says Preethi. “Affordability is the key. Off late there is a huge commotion about products that are “handmade”, “eco-friendly” and “organic” and they reflect on the price tags.  We deal with the artisans directly. It helps cut a lot of middle men costs, hence making our products more affordable. Our USP - Good quality and affordable price .”

Q & A with Preethi Prabhu
1- What does IK sell?
- Traditional Handicrafts.
- Lifestyle products made from traditional techniques
- Contemporary products made out of traditional material
- Handmade products.
- Above all, the mandatory norm is that the products have to be Indian and Eco-Friendly

2- Where do your products come from?
Our products sources can be classified into two catogories- IK Handpicked (10%) & IK Social (90%)
Could you please explain the categories?
IK Handpicked account for 10% of our products and include
- Just about anything that is Indian, Beautiful and of-course Earth Safe.
- Heritage products (Vintage & Antique)
- Pre-Loved, stuff that was previously owned; rescued before it ends up in the trashcan.  
IK Social forms 90% of IK’s products. (Products made Traditionally and made exclusively for IK.) These products come from -
- Individual Artisans & Families
- Rural Self Help Groups
- Urban Self Help Groups working for a cause
- NGO’s (Non Government Organization)
- Organizations working to preserve Traditional Arts & Crafts

While all this is just information about “what” and “where” the products come from, the reason for you to buy an IK product, our USP – “Affordable Quality Products”.

3- What is IK's Ideology?
Partnering with artisans lets IK explore the techniques and materials, and how they can be made a part of our everyday life. You can find classic pieces that have been made from ages and then there are exclusive pieces that are made just for IK.

The current collection on IK includes terracotta, laquerware from UP and Karnataka, River grass products, lifestyle products made outof traditional fabric and wood crafts. 

Our Products at a glance

Coconut Timber Bedside Lamp
Blue pottery Incense Holder

Dancing Ganesh


4- The Online Store and Future plans for IK
“Web sales are in progress and we will be having a retail outlet soon. For a country that had handicraft as its second largest business, we are not even scraping the surface at the moment. We are in the process of meeting more artisans and self help groups and expanding our range.  We are also gearing up to handle large corporate orders“  says Preethi. 

With India having so many colourful handicrafts, the store is very aptly called “IndyaKaleidoscope”. I need to thank Preethi for taking time out to speak to me. Wishing this enterprising and down to earth young lady a very successful Journey. I look forward to seeing IK do its part for Indian Cultural heritage and its varied art and crafts.

I recommend 
IK website and blog: indyakaleidoscope
Her commitment to the cause made the media sit up and take notice. India's popular NewsDaily published a feature about Preethi and the Store.  Preethi's Interview in India's Popular NewsDaily >>HERE

Images via Deccan Chronicle and IK, Preethi Prabhu


  1. Always nice to know people behind the scenes who bring the artisans to our doorsteps.

  2. What a surprise Sudha.. I just finished adding a new post about the fabulous products I bought from Preethi. And minutes after that I see your FB update for this post :) It is a joy to share the happiness of finding great products!


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