Dec 8, 2011

House Beautiful ~ At home with Shweta Sharma

I came across Shweta's blog - Hastkala and her lovely home pics and requested her for a sneak peek. Her home is a neat and classy place with love and personality oozing from every corner. 

She won me over when she said " I believe in recycling, reusing and recreating the best out of waste. I believe in living a life which is healthy for me and healthier for the planet." People who know me would know why I was impressed by this talented lady who is not only an artist but also a wonderful photographer :). You must see her clicks to see what I mean. 

Now, a peek into her space -
Shweta say "I have never designed or decorated any home before I got married and moved into mine. It is so daunting to have a place of your own and then to make it comfy and cozy as a home should be. I must say it didn't come to me in one day. It took me months to understand  that a creative mind blooms in a creative home/space."

 A green and welcoming entryway. Ganapati ji with candle and plants are the first thing you spot when you enter her home. I couldnt help admiring the lovely iron and glass table with leaves and tiny birds; and neatly lined terracota pots

A close up

She says" Ganapati ji with candle and plants are the first thing you spot when you enter my home. This year I'd planted so many tulsi plants that the extra ones are sitting at the entrance greeting everyone"

I feel that every home evolves with time. Patience and thought behind everything we buy matters. That way our home reflects our personality rather than looking like a popular store's catalogue.

Love her Ganesha collection

Shweta adds "It is very simple and a little complicated like me :) It is colourful, cheerful and cozy. My style is very eclectic. I love Indian arts and handicrafts . They remind me of India, where my heart resides."

I am drooling ~ a very charming workspace :)

All the artwork has been done by her 

She has a lovely Ganesha collection 

A serene bedroom 
It is feels good to see all the personal touches given to a rental apartment given all the space and color constraints 
Thank you, Shweta, for letting us peek into your lovely home

Pictures: shweta @ Hastkala
PS: do check out her blog and her artwork


  1. Such lovely artwork and accessories. I especially love all the plants.

  2. What a sweet home - I love her artworks, the tiny book shelf and the plants... Very charming !!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Have been a huge fan of Shweta's for the longest time. Lovely post, Sudha!

  4. lovely home and swetas photography hats off,very lovely post sudha

  5. Thank You Sudha, Dana, Emreen, Gagan and Lakshmi for all the wonderful words. I am really elated by all the appreciation as I have never decorated any other space except mine. Thanks Gangan for being my first fan :D
    Lakshmi Your pics are amazing.
    Thanks Everyone for visiting my little world HASTKALAA.

  6. I love the art work. Beautiful home.


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