Aug 12, 2010

My Friend Ganesha

I dedicate this post to Preethi, the young lady behind "KALEIDOSCOPE".

She is a very dear friend and a wonderful person. I am glad to have met her on the blogosphere. She was the first to follow The Design Enthusiast and has encouraged me to continue updating this blog. She extended her love by sending me a special gift.

This Ganesha !!!

Isnt he the best!!! He looks wonderful and looks so comfortable doing his Riyaaz on my plant stand. (He seems to love the money plant a lot!!)

Thank you Preethi, for being the wonderful person that you are!! 

I take this opportunity to say my long pending Dhanyavaadh, Gracias, and Thank you to each and everyone who takes time out to be a part of my slice of blogland and has been following my posts. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me. Times have been tough time, and my blogs are what have kept me afloat. Thank you once again for your support.


  1. Awwww.. Thank you so much Sudha. I am speechless :)

  2. thank you preethi...i loved it

  3. thank you Priya
    he is such a cute addition to my collection

  4. Love the Ganesha and keep it up. Your blog is lovely and its so wonderful to have me you thru blogland!

  5. thanks Anu..feels great to be sharing space with wonderful bloggers like yourself!

  6. Sudha, Your new Ganesha looks wonderful! Hoping to see many new posts from you soon! :)

  7. thanks Gagan
    I hope to get back to blogging asap...thank you for the support!!

  8. Have to delurk to say I like both your blogs. Way to go!

  9. Oh your blog is lovely! And this Ganesha makes me envious :). Lovely! Keep blogging!


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