Aug 15, 2010

India Celebrates its 64th Independence day

Celebrating our 64th Independence day and 63 years of democracy, I take this opportunity to share a few articles on the design enthusiast. First, about the Flag itself. source: wiki

Pic: amazingindia(dot)net
It was quite saddening to watch a program on TV where the anchor was interviewing people and many of them could not answer a few basic question about the flag, and the country in general. None of them knew that the flag was designed by - Pingali Venkayya. (ok, ok...I know we cannot generalize) Is it too much to expect from Indian citizens that they know more about their nation? I know of instances where people mentioned "Vande Mataram " to be our national anthem (leave alone knowing anything about the national animal, flower or the bird.) We can do a lot better than this. 

Jai hind!


  1. The American soldiers in that famous picture above raising the flag (should be the American flag in reality) at Iwo Jima, in WW2 is an iconic image.

    In Mani Bhavan, in Bombay, where Gandhiji lived for over 17 years, the evolution of the Indian flag is illustrated very well in the exhibits there. There's a lot of history to the flag.

  2. Hi Anil
    That was an interesting information. I had a feeling that the flag and soldiers image was modified but I couldnt relate it to the ww2 pic.. thanks for info :)

  3. I could relate now.... i was struggling to place this sculpture....

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  5. The plate of apricots and green chillies is creative... it symbolizes what India truly is, different kinds of tastes and cultures called together to form this country.

    It is sad to see this lack of information.. National anthem is the most sung songs in our country... sad that people dont know about it!

  6. Hey S
    you are a darling...:)i am so glad you could relate to my thgts and my intention behind using apricots, coconut, blueberries and green chillies to symbolize our flag and the way we hindustaniz are! and one more thing..(frankly never thgt anyone would ever mention it)

    this ingredients combo works perfectly as the sweet chutney for a salad dressing i make at home :)


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