Jan 20, 2010

Thank you Patricia

I had been lying low for the last ten days. Then I logged in to see what was new in the blog world. As usual, I checked the "I Visit" list of blogs. Seems like today was my day!...I had a surprise waiting in Patricia's - Colours Decor. She has started a new feature in her blog. - Co-Blog finds~~. I was looking forward to see her picks and didn't expect to find "The Design Enthusiast" find a mention....I am super excited to see my blog mentioned in her pick of the month list!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! It is quite overwhelming to be featured in one of the most happening design blogs in the blog-arena!


  1. oh my gosh.. I am honoured.. you called my blog.. 'most happening'.. wow!! thank you!!

    As I said.. I absolutely love your blog!!

  2. Thanks Patricia,

    It is so sweet of you :)

  3. What happened sudha?No posts..just checking out..i saw your blog featured.keep up your good work.

  4. Thankq lakshmi...just been under the weather lately

  5. hey
    thank u !!! thats really sweet of u to have noticed :)


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