Mar 21, 2011

I miss you ~405

It has been two weeks since the move, I have not had a moment to relax. With cartons and boxes around, I feel like I am yet to Weekend went by sorting things and having a friend over for lunch.

This being my first major move ever, I am being easy on myself. We had a little more stuff than just books and clothes. As of now, things are yet to fall in place and I am still figuring out what needs to be put where and what stays with us and what need not. Sorting our stuff to donate, keep or sell took up major part of our last two weeks.

While all this is still on, I was missing my previous place. Thought I'd share a pic or two and bid a formal goodbye to my lovely apartment (my husband calls me a drama dont seem to handle attachment and sentiments too all mushy and teary eyed when it comes to anything and, friends, things or even the places i have lived till date....:-) (sniff sniff)

Most of our things came in safe but for the antique armoire which had a broken leg...I was a little upset...but then, thats what moves are all about...:)

I am off to join the weekend wrap up party at Patty's.. you should hop in too...its fun!


  1. Beautiful images!! I know what you mean about getting attached.....I am just like that. By the way, where have you moved??

  2. thank you anu....moved to another apartment in the same area..:)

  3. I second Anu...beautiful pictures of your old home...looking forward to seeing your new home arrangements,...

  4. oh.. Sudha.. dont be upset.. It was simply meant to go.. so you could either DIY fix it.. and share with us... or bring in something new...

    Waiting eagerly for you to show us your new apartment and when done... share a home tour on Colours Dekor...

    I know ... a move can be so so hectic.. We moved our three bedroom apartment last year... and *sigh*... I dont know what we had... Although I clean and clear all the time.. the stuff simply wouldnt finish...

    So you lucky girl.. with your new apartment.. and new challenges.. Good luck!! Cheer up!! :-) sending you some hugs!

  5. Beautiful!! Loved all the images, wow! Hope your new home's as good or even better, Sudha :)

  6. So you are moving, good, maybe it is all for the good, though leaving a place that one has come to love is really tough. But with new challenges ahead you to keep you engaged, you won't have time to miss the past. Wish you all the best.
    Will wait patiently to see the pictures of your new house once you have settled.

  7. Home is where the heart is :-)

  8. Hi Sudha, Loved pictures from your old house!! And looking forward to the ones from the new house :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

  9. Sorry about the armoire mishap. I hope you can make it like new. We only had one broken item when we moved into the store, but it was easily repaired. Then a couple who are friends of my daughter and SIL were the first to come see the store, and the husband broke an expensive Raymor piece. Oh well...things happen.

  10. Wooow!!! Luved ur beautiful home, loved the elegant pieces... Am sure the new one is gonna look prettier! Maybe u could post those pics for the next week wrapup :)

  11. i can understand how it feels,..luve dthe decor pics,..

  12. As long as the decorator is moving to the new place, it'll all be lovely! Looking forward to your new home and new setup, Sudha! Hope you manage to repair the armoire!

  13. thanks patty..i am guilty!..sorry for not having responded to your home tour request earlier...i m working on my pic clicking skills..a little confident now so will send out pics of the old and new apartment..asap

    Thanks ambika..thats really sweet of you :)

    thanks Rama...i hope so too..looking forward to better things :)

    @caoturedlive ~ thanks a ton!

    Thank you simran are such a darling :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment meena

    thank you notyet100 :)

    G, you are super cool as always :)


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