Mar 11, 2011

Vintage finds ~ Walnut Candle Sconce

Walnut Veneer and plywood Sconce....yummy!

This is my vintage candle holder, bent plywood veneer wall sconce (holds three small candles). It has been made from two curved pieces of plywood, has brass arms and candle holder parts. I love the way they finished off the candle holders. Each of those have been finished off with an elongated wood bullet form at the bottom. It is a very beautiful addition to retro or a typical mid century decor 

I never lit candles in them, but they holds a smaller candle, one half inch or less in diameter. There are two holes for hanging. The person who sold it to me said that it was from the late 50's and originally from Sweden..lovely isn't it. :)

i could never click such amazing pics of my sconce..picture from an etsy store


  1. Lovely post...and what a find. Omg a true collectors item

  2. What a gorgeous sconce! It's more like a piece of art than a candleholder.

  3. Oh that is beautiful. Where on earth did you find it? Totally mid century modern Scandinavian style! Something Aalto would have designed.....

  4. Lovely find! Also request- want to see more of your youtube bollywood posts. Loved the idea and haven't seen that on any other blog so far. So don't stop Sudha!

  5. @Anu
    thank really looks nice..but i am yet to decide on the wall to hang it

    @ Dana
    thank you ...glad u like it too

    a local seller sold it and i was reluctant at first then thgt why not :)

    I am glad you gave me a start point for my research...i m on it right now :P

    @ dviya
    thank you so much for all the kind words..i plan to do it soon...just settling down...:)

  6. Hi
    The piece is really good sudha.
    why don't you place candle and lite it to see the beauty of the piece.
    hope to see your candle stand with candles glowing, to it and bring all happiness to you in the coming Tamil new year.

  7. Wow!! These are super fab!! Looks like Vintage stuff has started finding you and its not the other way round :)

  8. I've been obsessed with this candle holder sconce since this post. I'm actually blogging about it today so check it out. Your post created a new obsession for me!

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