Mar 17, 2011

We have a new (to us) West Elm sofa ..:-)

Thank you guys, for having being patient with me during my hiatus due to my move and the following recouping session. :-). I miss my previous apartment, and the ample sunlight which made the apartment irresistable :-). However, I look forward to being occupied with doing up the new place and falling in love with this apartment.

This was our older living area in our previous apartment...

The current apartment has an interesting layout which made us rethink our furniture setting. We decided to move the teak set to our huge balcony and indulge in a (preloved) west elm sofa. The idea was to go for a clean line, armless sofa look, seriously inspired by the danish mod armless daybed/sofa

 The sofa is intended to be a transition piece before we can afford one of these :)

(inspiration folder)

(inspiration folder)
inspiration folder

We are happy with this for now..:)


  1. I love clean lines. Congrats on the new place. Have a great weekend.

  2. thank you anu..happy weekend to you too

  3. thats lovely... Looks very cozy... And I cant wait to see what you do with your new place.. Its always exciting.. :-)

  4. wow... u simply rock!!! m just waiting to see ur post once the entire home is done...

  5. Wow! I think your new sofas look marvelous! Your room is gorgeous too! Can't wait to see all you do to a sweetie .Thanks for delightful images hosting in this blog.


  6. Lovely Sofa and West Elm one...loved the clean lines... you sure have a knack to pick up great pieces.

  7. I've been so busy moving things into the store that I haven't kept up with blogs well, so I didn't know you were moving. Oh, how well I understand the need to relax and recover! Good luck in your new home and congratulations on the lovely new sofa.

  8. Thank you patty...i am waiting to send you my pics for the home tour..i missed out on clicking good pics of the prev apartment :)

    Thanks Berkline

    thanks Pravz

    thank you anu..thats sweet of you to have said that :)

    hey Dana
    thank you so much :)

  9. Like the clean lines and the new sofa. Setting up house again is so much fun right? There is one new item to be bought everytime :)

  10. i like it :) Can't wait to see what you do with & to your new space

  11. so true divya :)

    thanks prachi :) coming together.. pretty slowly though


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