Feb 1, 2012

DE's minutes of fame

Khabar, a US based magazine published a feature on Design and decor bloggers. Among the five blogs featured, was Design Enthusiast. A mention of my name, the blog and snippets of my interaction with the author Girija  

Link to the article: here


  1. CONGRATS!! That is fabulous, well-deserved news.

  2. Congratulations, Sudha! You're such a serious, hard-working blogger. The mention is well-deserved.

    1. thank you Dana..I am so honored to hear you say that.

  3. Congrats Sudha !! Well-deserved feature..!!

  4. Congrats!!!! Sudha. This is so cool. How are you doing. It's been a while since I was around. Thanks for your comments on my blog posts :-)

  5. Sudha.. the write up was super impressive.. Honoured to share the space with all the bloggers... specially you and Kamini.. Humbled.. to even have a mention.. with people I look up to.. for design and decor ideas.. Like I say.. the professional in blog world stand out.. and the amateurs like me.. share the little space too.. *smiles*..

    Thanks for always being so awesome!


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