Sep 17, 2010

Friday Finds - Interesting Wall unit

Like everyone else who is interested in design and home aesthetics, I browse through websites, blogs and yes the craigslist (how could I forget my eternal source of research insipirations!!) for interesting finds. I had shared an interesting danish style magazine stand earlier, a craigslist find!! >>Link. Keeping in view my overflowing folder of  inspirations and finds for the future, I decided to write about one such item per week, say every friday.

For starters, let me share this very interesting looking wall unit found via Thomaswold's blog>> link. Do check out his blog for more amazing DIYz. (i just skimmed through the blog and fell in love with his work..planning to take a day out to read through his work and posts where he talks about his projects and work in general). 

The wall unit
Created from a set of unused or unwanted furniture. I am major fan of upcycled and repurposed things. (obvious that i loved his idea right!!).
This Pile ....

Transformed into this work of art...
Pic courtesy: thomaswold
Painted furniture is not really my style, but what I liked about this piece is that he has repurposed, recycled and upcycled most of the furniture, which would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. It is simply a super cool DIY idea (I could totally steal!!)  to create a really unique piece of art!

Really amazing work I must say :). Don't you think :-) so too. 
PS: Check the blog for more details on such projects.

Before I forget, Let me link this post to show and tell ` @ My Romantic Home :)


  1. Oh my gosh!! thats simply awesome!! I loved the idea.. Although I would paint it .. dark brown.. :-)

  2. Sudha, I love this, and i love the idea of the series. I'm looking forward to your friday posts!


  3. This is amazing! I'm off to check his blog!

  4. thats simply amazing, i am not able too grasp how you could turn that pile of junk into such a great looking and capable cabinet unit, simply marvelous, i would love to have it in my living room

  5. Hi Sandy
    Thank you for stopping by. I loved your blog about cabinets....The compliments need to be passed on to Thomas who actually made it. Do check out his work via his blog. (I only featured it cos i liked his work too!!) cant take any credit for the work!! :-)

    Do keep stopping by. I would love to have your ideas and suggestions for The design enthusiast.


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