Sep 21, 2010

Of Peacocks and Paisleys...features my entry way...:)

This has been a great week...It began with Priya of OUTT featuring a few cozy corners of our abode and now Gagan of Peacocks and Paisleys has featured my apartment entryway!.  yay!!! I am super excited to see my apartment featured on such heavenly and inspiring blogs. 

Of Peacocks and Paisleys...
I have been following Gagan from June 23rd this year.. :-)..Yes i tend to remember dates very kidding..looked it up on her blog ;-); I love the effervescence and cheerfulness she exudes via her posts. :). Her blog is among the ones I start my day with. Here is a glimpse of the post about my entry way..(isnt it super cool!!).

Thank you Gagan for  the feature. It feels nice to be a part of a very creative and ultra chic blog.


  1. I am very happy to see glimpses of yuor home in various blog :) Your home looks cosy and inviting.

  2. Read the post just now, looks cool Sudha...
    hey, we should be featuring your home tour too, what say? :)

  3. @The keybunch
    Oh My God!!that would be wonderful

  4. Read the post just now! You've got a lovely home [from what I can see] :)

  5. Oh I simply love Gagans blog as well.. You actually remember the dates?? really??

    Oh.. and the entrance way looks gorgeous.. gorgeous.. The first pic.. and the second pic... of the same place.. looks so so different.. and awesome.. with the difference in lighting... Amazing.. huh?? You are truly talented.. Sudha!!

  6. beautiful, warm & inviting.i always stop by your blog to get a glimpse of some pretty pics.

  7. Hi Tanvi
    Thats so sweet!! I am so glad you liked the entry way...i cant wait to feature my apartment!! Dint think it was cool enough to feature actually

  8. Hi Patty You are the sweetest!!...there are a lot of downsides to being so strong with my memory

    I dint notice that they looked so different until you mentioned. That was such a detailed description and I love you for that... :)

  9. hey Sruthi
    I love your blog oorvi too..I am so glad gagan featured my entry way. else I would have never known that such amazing people visited my blog and actually liked it!! :)

  10. Sudha, That was the sweetest thing to say! Thank you! :) btw, I was following your blog wayyyyyy before I started mine---you're part of the inspiration here!! :)

  11. Hey Gagan
    Thats very encouraging :)

  12. The pics look awesome! You have such a beautiful home :)

  13. Hi Sudha ...
    Clicked in here from PnP and have already seen many of your posts and your lovely home as well..
    It's beautiful... loved the plants and the warmth in your home.

  14. Hey Sangeeta
    Thank you for the visit and the lovely comment...would be great if you could stop by more often and share your views with me :)...your blogs are lovely and very inspiring


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