Jul 28, 2010

Magazine stand - Craigslist Find

I have always mentioned my love for danish/mid century items and my daily ritual of scanning the craigslist. In the process, a few good pieces end up on my "ah! list" and the "wish I could buy" list. Craigslist is one place where I find some amazing pieces which become inspirations for my blog posts and my home decor choices as well.

I was looking through craigslist today and found this really cute magazine rack-cum-lamp stand. A very Scandinavian /danish piece made of teak. There was another very interesting thing about this piece, and that was the ad itself. (I am a huge fan of well written Craigslist copies and get inspired by sellers who take time out to describe the stuff they sell). I took the seller's permission to quote the ad and showcase the piece on The Design Enthusiast. I hope you enjoy it a much as I did.

..., slightly scarred teak side table and magazine holder!!! A beautiful piece that has held my creative loafings, dewll, and living etc mags for years!!! Super useful as well, I've had a lamp on the table part for a while and it left a ring but easily covered by another cool lamp!! Real clean lines, strong durable vinyl to hold magazines, overall a great piece but now I'm switching to lucite and chrome in my space and the teak beauties have to go.. dimensions are 18 x 16 x 28 1/2 ..I'm asking 125.00, but again I will accept reasonable offers...!! If you are a junkie like me, I do have several other items for sale as well, so please look at all my postings, you'll be glad you did!!! Thx! "
Pictures courtesy Ms Renee via Craigslist

Another view...

So cute right!!... shows how much love went into describing the piece and also how pained the seller is to let go her furniture  :).  I love preloved furniture, and wanted to bring it home....but the piece was already sold. Better luck next time. 


  1. thanks anu....its great to be back to blogging...:)

  2. Good design.. cute yet easy to use.

  3. Dear Sudha

    I happened to come across your blog by chance. Cannot tell you how much I love it. Your blog conveys a love for your home, and I can so much identify with it.

    Please do continue posting. It is a real joy.

    Warm regards


  4. wow ... even I am a daily visitor of craigslist (bangalore)... I thought I was weird to be doing that(only till i read this post :-) :-)

  5. Hi sowmya
    You are not alone.. :)


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