Oct 22, 2009

Brumby Rocker ~ and my Rex Rocker

I bought a rocker on craigslist. The seller was quite helpful and brought it to my house as I could not arrange for transport. The moment I saw the rocker, I knew there must be an interesting history associated with it. Previous owners had used it in their nursery and only knew that it was a locally made piece. He mentioned that it was from a Furniture Co based in Marietta, GA. Called Rex.

An exhaustive research led me to the name and origins of  the manufacturers of this rocker - Rex Co. One search led to another and I was sad to find that the company was going to discontinue their rocker production. The reason being, dwindling supply of air dried white oak wood used for making these classics. As such most furniture makers use kiln dried wood.

After knowing more about rocking chair companies, I researched further and came to know about Brumby Rockers  Here is the link to the manufacturer: Brumby Rocker , GA. I was excited to read about the history associated with the jumbo rocker. A few other write ups in various magazines mention these rockers were a southern United States porch/veranda staple. It was exciting to know that 39th US President Jimmy Carter had one such piece on the white house porch during his presidency.

Mine is a similar style, and I am ok cos i cannot afford an original Brumby right now.

Here is the picture of the one I bought! one from Rex Co.


  1. I love this chair. I have a set of them passed to me from my grandparents. They look identical. However, I'm curious how you determined this is a Rex rocker. Im 99.9% certain mine are Brumby Rockers because my grandmother went to Marietta and bought them herself at Brumby. She prided herself on the fact they were the same chairs that Jimmy Carter had purchased and placed in the White House. She paid around $900 ea. for them. Although, the cost is my mothers recollection and I find it hard to believe she paid that much for them as they cost that now. I know she had to have purchased them somewhere in the late 60's or early 70's. If you could message me back and tell me what you were able to find that told you these are Rex rockers. Thank You. Patti Peck

    1. I paid 800.00 each for mine in the early 90s in Marietta ga

  2. also, Rex was not in Marietta. Rex was in Rex, GA. Here is a link to show the details about it...http://www.claytonoralhistory.com/rex.html

  3. I know this was a few years ago, but I just came across your blog and really enjoy it. Thank you for your comments on The Brumby Chair Company. While Rex has gone out of business, we are still rocking along. We have relauched our new website (www.brumbyrocker.com) and have added a company video on the history of the chairs, Brumby Chair historical catalogues dating back to 1912 and now offer online ordering. We have also expanded our offering to refurbishing all Brumby Chair Company products so that our customers can enjoy their Brumby Chair products for another 140 years. Thank you again for the mention and hope you'll visit us and follow us on all our new social media accounts. Thanks again, Anna Brumby


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