Apr 9, 2010

Artist Showcase - Sunayana Sarangi

I feel proud to be the first blogger to be writing about Sunayana, a software engineer by profession and a budding artist, and an excellent classical dancer by choice.

I was introduced to her pencil sketches and 2x2 Oil canvases around three years ago, and I just loved them. I grew to become a fan of her work and her dedication to art.This post has been long overdue. I had mentioned my intentions to showcase her work (in a previous post) - I wrote about her work on store bought Terracota pieces. This post finally happened once I could lay my hands on the pictures of her work. A very shy artist that she is, I had to send in constant reminders (and threats) for a set of clicks. I am honoured to be providing a sneak peek into her world. Her work reflects her passion and dedication towards art. She enjoys spending hours on her projects (and forgets to eat at times). I hope I am able to do justice in showcasing a wonderful artist. I wish I could share all of her work here...but had to make do with a few that I chose at random. I hope you too would enjoy her work and encourage a budding artist who deserves to make it big!

A wall mural she painted in her spare bedroom. Mowgli and friends..(loved this.)

A beautiful mixed media on 6'x4' canvas. Women's embossed jewellery in this canvas needs a special mention (though not visible in this picture).

Women find a special place in her work. A Rajasthani woman (4'X3')

A vibrant Ganesha- oil on canvas (3'X2')

She is great with abstract and modern subjects as well. Charcoal (3'x2')

Her contemporary Krishna - (2'x4') oil on canvas
Her interpretation of women.(4'x1') (oil on canvas)

Loved her 3D murals in mixed media.

Another pair of 2'x1' murals complimenting each other, and looking so wonderful together
One of her Thanjavoor paintings - The show stopper!!

This is what she has to say about her work....
"my work/painting queue is overloaded.... the moment I finish 1, 2 more gets into the queue...More I work, the more exciting it is getting to work on new media and subjects... I am currently finishing a buddha ( oil ) on a charcoal background....thats something my mom had asked me to do for her... work is in progress.... the next in queue is a Thanjavoor Ganesha (2 ft X 1.6 ft) - I intend to work on it once the buddha is all done and framed. My house now looks more like an art exhibition :D....I am striving to create my own style.... And that needs me to be persistent with my work..its practice that I need all the way!"

Do let me know what you think about her work and Sunayana will respond to your queries and questions in the comments section....I wish her all the very best. 

Art patrons can now buy her work!! Sunayana is all set to open her online catalog and a Studio blog. I 'll provide updates in a later post.

PS: Oh! did I forget to mention....she is my SIL!! :) and I can actually demand personalized artwork for myself! lucky me. 

Copyrights: All featured mural and paintings are Sunayana's original work. No form of misuse please!! Images are pictures of her work. Please respect an artist's creativity and right to appreciation. Image resolution has been kept low for copyright purposes. Please ask for higher resolution pictures, if interested.

Sunayana Sarangi has started blogging over at : http://skartstudio.blogspot.in/. Do stop by her blog for the latest from her studio :)


  1. Hi Sudha,
    All the pieces are good. I liked tanjore painting of hers, the best. i wish she gets more time to work on her arts.all the best.

  2. Hi Sunayana,

    The paintings are breathtakingly beautiful ! Its amazing how you manage to find time ! I liked the Tanjavoor painting and the Ganesha painting a lot. Keep up the good work and do send pictures to Sudha akka as often as possible so we too can have the opportunity of seeing your marvelous paintings in this blog :)

    Good Luck !

    Divya (Praveena's friend)

  3. Hi Sudha,
    Sunaina's paintings are sooo... beautiful.
    Mowgli was looking very cute,all the eyes were so expressive that u actually wish that u jump into the wall and have real good fun with mowgli in the forest.

    Sunaina's paintings have made someone as static as me to post a comment.

  4. Hi Sudha,
    These are so amazing. It looks like every painting has a story to tell. The colors are perfect and the eyes are enchanting.
    I think it must be taking a lot of time for SUnayana to finish each painting, with the responsibilities of a job and home. But each piece of art has emerged so well.
    This post was a real treat for the readers. Thank you for sharing SUdha :)

  5. Beautiful works. I loved the women in mixed media with embossed jewellery. Sunaina is very talented. My prayers and wishes for her talent to keep growing and evoloving into lovely pieces of art.

    Many thanks Sudha for posting Sunaina's works. Loved every one of it.

  6. Hi Sudha didi,

    Thank you so much for such a lovely post. You made my paintings look grand with all those amazing descriptions :)

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. This really motivates me a lot. :)

  7. hi sunayana...ur paintings make the post look good!

  8. hi sudha,
    An awesome work…. …..beyond compliments …….
    Each painting is amazing …..
    Sunayana is very talented …. Keep it up!!!!!!

  9. Hey these works are really awesome...I loved the contemporary Krishna...she should exhibit.if she already has not...If I could afford to buy I would have bough the mowgli one

  10. Hello,

    My name is Lavanya, Shiva's friend, I love the art work posted here. Particularly the krishna, ganesha and the tanjore painting. Good job..
    Keep it coming .all the best.


  11. hey vishal...thank u fo rthe comment :)
    im in the process of convincing her to sell...unf the mowgli is a wall mural so she will have to do another one on canvas for u..:)

  12. hi Lavanya

    thank you for the visit and the comment...they will surely motivate the artist :)

    Loved your blog as well...:)

  13. Hey Sudha,
    Sunanya has amazing talent and have decided to spread the word. I Have posted your blog on my facebook and hope it provided her with more motivation to keep on going.

  14. thank you Shiva...she will be delighted!...it is very thoughtful of you to have posted the link on your network. Thank you for that :)

  15. Sudha... what an awesome post!!! When you say budding... you expect to see ameture work... but her work is simply amazing!! Love the tanjore painting... Please... please.. tell her to contact me.. I want one.. please!!

  16. Hi Vishal,

    Thankyou so much....The mowgli is on my wall :D and the interesting part of that painting is I made it for my husband... I wanted to paint something which will relate to him and thats where the mowgli idea came from :D and I really dint expect this piece of work to get any visibilty... thanks for your comments :-D I am glad people liked it...I will try doing some more cartoons :D on canvas....

  17. Hi Shiva, thankyou for posting the link... I am glad you liked my work. I will keep sending more pictures. :D

  18. Hi Lavanya, Thankyou so much. These comments out here mean a lot to me. They are strong motivators else without appreciation even passion dies out. Thanks for visiting and posting your comment...

  19. Hi Pooja,

    Thanks much for the visit and your comment. I will keep sending more pics.

  20. Thankyou so much Patricia. Tanjore is a very delicate work and thats one of my favourites too... Deep down I plan to make a catalog specifically for Tanjore. I would love to make as many as possible. Thankyou so much for your compliment. I am in the process of making another Tanjore (Ganesha) and will send across the pic as soon as I finish it. Thankyou.

  21. Hi Divya, Thankyou so much for your lovely comment. I will send in more pics as soon as possible.

  22. Wow, Sunayana is a truly amazing artist... all the paintings and murals are brilliant.
    am currently setting up home so on the lookout for art pieces and can totally connect to Sunayana's work. Wish she could do the Mowgli one for Arvan's room :)
    Moving on to ur gardening blog for some tips now :)

  23. Fabulous stuff..I love the Ganesha. Great post Sudha.

  24. just as you don't need to be a singer to appreciate a good song, i guess, you don't need to be a painter to appreciate good painting work. this (self-created!) dictum truely holds good for the work presented by sunayana. her paintings have this 'instant' appeal...especially the ones featuring women in them. i could somehow sense the feeling of waiting/longing the rajasthani woman waiting beside the stairs. the abstract have thier own mystic appeal. :)

    thanks sudha for letting us know of your wonderfully talented SIL. and it's a bonus for me, as i can visit karthik and her sometime when i'm in india. :)

    sunanayna.... great work! don't let these be confined to your workspace. please share, showcase.. and i'm sure you'll find many takers and appreciators. wishing the best to come. :)


  25. Thank you Anil...Loved the way you appreciated her work....I am so glad you could see the implicit...My post was meant to showcase the artist in her and also get her going with an online Gallery and store of sorts.

    I really hope that with people like you all around, she will do well as an artist.

  26. Thanks Anila. I would love to another mowgli :D

  27. Hi Anil, Thankyou so much for that lovely comment. Sudha didi is keeping me motivated. I will be sooooo delighted if Karthik and I could meet you some time. :D

  28. Sunayana,

    The paintings are amazing and beautiful. You are a gifted and talented artist. I liked all the paintings esp. the tanjore. Keep it up.

  29. Thanks Pallavi. Tanjore is my favourite too. I am in the process of making a tanjore Ganesha. Will post the pictures as soon as I complete it. :-D

  30. very much talented and creative.good post sudha


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