Dec 9, 2009

Hand Painted Terracotta -by our inhouse artist

I was meaning to write about my  sister in law (brother's wife) for a long time now. She is a sculptor, mural artist, painter and a classical dancer all rolled in one petite package. Being an Oriya, who came into our tam-bram family, she has tried blending festivals and rituals from both cultures. One such occasion being the Golu / kolu for Dassera Navarathri. She did some amazing DIYs. Herez a peek into her work on terracotta stuff bought from a roadside vendor.

 Hand painted Rajasthani musicians set

Kulfi matka got a facelift

She gave a glazed look to the Radha Krishna idol and painted the cow using different colours to make it pop

The tiny resin idol made the arrangement look so cute.

Golu / kolu arranged by my amma. My SIL painted the white bedspread (used as a background for the steps)

My Ma-in-Law 's Kolu

I intend to write more about her Thanjavur paintings, her work on different media, and 3D murals in my future posts. Until then...see ya


  1. Oh i love the idea of the cotton butter. And the marriage party as well.. lovely

  2. hi Preeti

    A few dolls are a common thing among most golu set ups...marriage party is one of them :)...


Thank you for your comment. You made my day!

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