Dec 11, 2009

My Early Years

I love cane furniture and wooden furniture with jute and cane accents. A well made cane/rattan furniture gets that breezy feel indoors. I prefer love seats and arm chairs to a three-seater sofa. Simply because it is difficult to get three adults to share a single sofa (thats what I observed). Love seat occupies less space as such and allows for two people to sit comfortably and also allows you to get flexible with your seating arrangements. I love cane as it is long lasting, needs minimal maintenance, and most importantly (for me) is environment friendly.

The first ever cane piece to come home was a Cane jhoola (swing), my parents' gift to me so that I study for my class XII It seems like the swing has been with us for ever. I need to thank my parents for allowing me to have a say in design decisions at home. They have struggled to provide me and my brother everything in their means. And that however, did not include a well furnished home. We had an old Black and White TV which beamed erstwhile DoorDarshan channel 1 (nostalgic), iron folding chairs for our guests, and floor mats for us to sleep on. We dint have a study table until my brother came to Class XII. Our family meal happened on the floor with us sharing happenings of the day. No regrets about anything though! We have been a totally dysfunctional, normal our share of financial hardships and emotional stress thereoff, have made me what I am today. I believe in conservation, reuse, wanting less and living with  minimum. It was not until I graduated from Business School, that we could divert our resources to decorating our house with things within our reach. I married and moved out, so did my brother, and memories remain with us.

Seems like I got too emotional with this post...Havent been able to handle somethings lately. Until next time... take care

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