Feb 27, 2010

Wall of Pictures

No decor is complete with out art on the wall. If you like to have an accent wall with more than one frame /art work hung in harmony, this post is for you.

Among the number of ways one could arrange wall art, clusters and collages are a popular style of display. Hanging frames in groups and clusters makes for an interesting decorative element. Living or family rooms, stairways etc., with large expansive walls are ideal for grouped or clustered displays. Clusters and Collages make for a great focal point in the room.

Things to be kept in mind are the wall colour, shape and size of the frames being used and the grouping style, so that we could maintain a sense of cohesion in style and the over all theme of the room. You could group them in a symmetric layout or going bohemian with the setting.Its all how you want it to be!

I would like to share a few arrangements/styles I have been saving in my inspirations folder :)
 source: isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com

  source: flickr

A random arrangement with frames in varying sizes

source: flickr

Going symmetric with the layout and the choice of frames...

An all square layout...
 source: splendidwillow.blogspot.com


source: flickr

A few more of the random layout

source: apartmenttherapy.com

Dressing up your entry way...and giving it an art gallery look with lights...
 source: flickr
A feminine and country style touch to the cluster...

source: monolohome.blogspot.com
There is also a trend of splitting a single poster or an art work into individual frames and hanging them in a cluster....say something like this...
 image source: fotoviva.co.uk
source: hgtv.com
How about a set of beautifully framed mirrors

 source: framesunlimited.com

I found this picture wall company with their off-the shelf combination of frames to give your wall that dressed up look...All jamming to form a huge square or a rectangle on the whole.
source: picturewallco.com

you could mix and match more than one such cluster...

Another set of  fixed frame setting for people who prefer pre-fabricated layout...
 source: kaboodle.com

source: ecrater.com


 source: simplygraciousstyle

source: walmart.com
What ever your style, for an elegant and coordinated Picture wall
  • Pick a wall that gets viewed a lot but make sure it is not in a high traffic area. (This is to avoid the frames from being knocked off the nail and protect people from getting hurt)
  • Colour scheme of the background wall is an important element of the entire design
  • Ensure a common theme or a striking element while selecting frames and photos to be hung. For example, you could go with a mono/multiple theme based cluster, or all black and white pictures which look cohesive, one large art on canvas with smaller ones in similar media etc.
  • your cluster needs to begin a few inched above a normal couch/sofa back or a sideboard set against the wall and go up to a little above the eye level.
More ideas and tips.... welcome!!


  1. This is something.. I've been meaning to do for the longest time.. with photographs... but somehow.. just cant find my style... I dont know.. I just cannot seem to do it..

    So this is a definite motivation for me!!

  2. Thank you patricia...Do share the pic when u are done...I am sure you will do something unique and wonderful!!...as such i loved your peacock wall...:)

  3. Me too.. Been wanting to do it for so long. And this post is giving me more ideas to execute. THe only problem though is you cant nail the walls in a rented apartment :(
    Thank you so much for this post Sudha. Now i will have a plan ready when i move into my new home :)

  4. I know what u r saying..not owning a house kind of restricts our choices....:)

  5. The three canvas sea-scape is awesome. It gives me lots of ideas :)

  6. I love photographs on the wall. They really personalize one's space, and look great too. These are great pics Sudha.


  7. @ artbeautsociety
    I loved this too infact have seen quite a few such canvases with a single landscape split into multiple canvases

    Thank you sharon and what you say is absolutely true, nothing like having a wall of pictures of your loved ones.. :)..

  8. I don't like split canvases so much but the other pictures look lovely.

  9. Lovely article !!

  10. It looks so uncluttered when all the frames are the same color. I love that. Just found your blogs. Very beautiful. All of them. The vegetarian dish looks wonderful. Congratulations on winning the book. It looks very interesting. We hope to build a home soon and that would be a great resource.

  11. @onceuponateatime, Pedhakka, midcenturymadam

    Thank you for all your inputs and comments...Pl do keep stopping by

  12. I thought you did an amazing job at show casing these designs. It's so creative. The longer frames and such really got the imagination going. Great job! www.norahhollowayinteriors.com

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