May 3, 2010

Artist Showcase- Nithya

I have been waiting to publish this post about a very talented Artist.

Nithya a.k.a Lakshmi Kalyani is an Artist with oodles of talent and abundance of inherent creativity. She has a Fine Arts Degree from Andhra University with a major in Painting. What could be better than to start the showcase with a very colourful depiction of Sree Ganesha

Gajanana - Acrylic on canvas

Her talent was recognized very early when she won laurels in various state and national level painting and art competitions while in school. A few of her achievements include, 3 gold medals in 3 consecutive years at National level painting competition and a 4th place at National level held by Vijay Information, Hyderabad. Constant encouragement from the family fueled her desire to do well as an artist, while still in middle school.

She says, “I am lucky to have been born in a very loving and encouraging family. Being surrounded by Art lovers and patrons who believe in me, has fueled a desire to do well in a less treaded career path.”

One look at her work will convince you of her passion and seriousness towards her career.

Title: A long way to go -Acrylic on Canvas

Nithya says- “I honed my skills in drawing sketches and in water color with the help of my Drawing Teacher.Regular participation in art competition fetched me few laurels. Moreover my painting on ‘World Peace’ got selected at district level Competition held by Lions Club.My painting was adjudged winner in the Amul Butter girl contest. I went on to represent the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, at the National level competition held at Anand, Gujarat in January 2000. These milestones and all the support from people in my life, encouraged me to pursue a career in the same field of interest.”
Title: Blossoming Childhood - Acrylic on Canvas

What drew my attention to her work was her choice of subjects showcasing burning social issues. Given that she is in her early twenties, I couldn’t help admiring her sensitivity towards these issues.
Title: Prized Catch - Priceless childhood! - Acrylic on Canvas

Nithya adds,” Through out the Bachelor’s course, my pet theme was always a social cause.My painting projects depicted children and their cause ie, Child education, Child Labour, Child Abuse and female foeticide/infanticide etc. My work has been received well and appreciated by all.”

Title: Burning Midnight Oil - Charcoal on Textured sheet

She is an expert in using vairous media and her quality of work reflects in even her pencil sketches.

Pencil on Chart 

Water colour on chart 

Title: Nestling Ideas take flight -Oil on canvas

She says, “The scene of neglected childhood on my way to college moved me a lot and that reflected on my canvas.Paint and Brush are my aides to express my feelings for these issues. “
Title: Street children -Charcoal on Chart

I loved every minute I spent chatting with her and getting to know this amazingly talented girl. I loved the way she ended her conversation with me “ Thus I stand an artist in making.” Her expertise includes Portraits and her ability to replicate a picture as is...I am awestruck!! She accepts orders for portraits. All you need to do is to send her a nice picture. :)

Charcoal and Water Colour on Textured paper

It is encouraging and heart warming to see the family she was born in and the family she has married into, to have immense faith in her. I wish her all the best with her career as a full time artist and wish her many more accomplishments in the field of Arts. I hope you liked her work and would surely mention it via your comments.

A call to all Art patrons - Nithya's work is for sale. She would be glad to work on any medium or theme. Do leave your comments and queries in the comments section. Nithya will respond to all of your questions.

Copyrights:All pictures and paintings are Nithya's original work. No form of misuse please!! Images are scanned copies of her work. Please respect an artist's creativity and right to appreciation. Image resolution has been kept low for copyright purposes. Please ask for higher resolution pictures, if interested.


  1. Oh Wow!!

    Don't have much knowledge on paintings. But these are simply superb and look very real.
    Specially the faces of kids, hard to believe it's a painting and not a photographic image.


  2. hi sudha

    Good pintings of Nithya and you have presented it too good. Our best wishes to Nitya's career as a painter.

  3. Wonderful work... I loved that Acrylic on Canvas works -especially the one with that small boy sitting! Keep up the good work & all the best. Looking forward for more.

    Thank you Sudha for this post.

  4. I don't know what to say. But I enjoyed them.

  5. Nitya ! That is great work.
    I think i have some projects for you.
    Keep it up ! I will buy some art work from you.

    Yes, Spread the word about the importance of girl child !

  6. great work....
    what makes her paintings all the more fascinating are the minimal use of colours and
    black seems to do wonders to her work.
    charcoal work on a textured sheet need special mention.
    Thanks to sudha for showcasing someone as talented as Nitya.
    good job,sudha
    lots of good wishes to Nitya

  7. to all Thank you very much for the support and wishes.. This blog has motivated me to work on more paintings.. will keep u all posted on the developement.


  8. Hi Nitya, I am stunned !! I dont think I have any words to do justice to your paintings and the sensitivity in them. Simply superb !! I wish you all the best - Sunayana

  9. sudhamami,
    ur blog is soo have kept all your stuff in your gallery.that was soo nice.that u have kept nithya mami's and sunayna aunty's in ur blog.can u please tell me how u created the blog with so many designs. i love all the paintings that u did and all the things...keep it up sudha manni and have a nice time in ur blog.

    by shruti

  10. thanq soo much sunayana...


  11. Hi 'aka....PROUD to be your bro.....
    With lots of lovwe and wishes

  12. thank u shruthi ..i m glad u liked my blog...keep visiting it and tell me what more you like to see here ..luv
    sudha mami

  13. hey nithya.....oooooooohhhhhh such an fascinating, incredible and mind blowing work....Awesome no words to explain....

  14. simply superb da awesome work

    sandhya mani

  15. mind blowing work nithu
    all paintings are superb
    i like ganesha picture ,Water colour on chart and Pencil on Chart very much

    your brother...

  16. Nitya..

    Your work is beautiful..please keep it up!


  17. Hey Sudha,
    Sorry for being late here.
    You sure have a lot of talented people in your family. The paintings are stunning. The Prized catch is my favorite.
    I wish Nithya all the best. Nithya, you are surely a gifted artist.
    Thank you Sudha for sharing it with us.

  18. Lovely renditions, especially of the young girl bearing away fishes in either hand.

    Ganapati has to the god most creatively expressed in a variety of forms. I see a lot of interesting renditions of Ganesha.

  19. Sudha,,,,'

    very patiently, you have covered so many beautiful things in your blog.

    well. i am an artist: i paint, i make mural, i do sculptures, and i landscape... and i do all this for over 50 x 5 star hotels worldwide ( TAJ, MERIDIEN, KEMPINSKI, IKON, CAMBAY...), Palaces ( MUSCAT< RAJASTHAN), Airports ( abu dhabi)... and of course what gives me great joy... doing homes.

    come, lets meet up at :

    warm wishes


    + 91 98205 46111

  20. Some of the best one that i have ever seen.... :)

  21. hi Chandra
    thank you for stopping by..its a pleasure to receive compliments from accomplished artists like yourself. I have a long way to go in showcasing art, artists, and home furniture in this space.

  22. Hello Mr Sahu
    I am glad you stopped by..will pass on the compliment to the artist.


  23. hiii Nithya

    amazin yaar i ve no words to describe ur born talent as all the paintings 4 me to describe r jus short of words.All the paintings r more than beautiful and gr8 ideas depictd.Lovd all.Do kp posting me all the paintings!!!Topics r wondrful n hw beautifully u ve brought all of dem 2 da canvas.Its awesome!!God has giftd u such talent i wish u get lots n lots applauds for all ur paintings.Wishing u all the vry best!!!

    Regrads & best wishes

  24. nice 2 see the paintings
    u have used different painting styles
    these r really awesome

  25. Hi Nithu....wonderful...Very beautiful. Cheers Ramya


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