Oct 20, 2010

Votes Please

It feels nice to see a popular fellow blogger being featured by another very popular Home Design Blog- Apartment therapy. (YAY!!!). AT has been running a series /contest called- Room for Colo(u)r Contest and readers votes decide the winner(s). (US and International)

Kamini, who blogs @ Safforn and Silk has her Saffron Sanctuary Bedroom among other international entries. Your vote could help her win. So please take time out and and cast your vote for her entry

More on Kamini...
Kamini is a wonderful artist and an accomplished interior designer. Wanna know more about her..I recommend you read Divya's post - Artist Profile - Kamini on Sound Horn Please and Kamini's home tours on Gagan's blog>of Peacocks and paisleys and on Priya's OUATT

Coming back to the contest....

(pic courtesy Apartment therapy)
And this is how you vote!....
All you need to do is visit Apartment therapy's page with Kamini's entry and cast your vote. It would be nice to see a blogger from Mana Hyderabad to win under International Category :-)..(Dont mind me stressing the hyderabadi aspect, Once a Hyderabadi always a Hyderabadi u c....lol)

Whats in it for you?!!
I will be happy to see a professional Interior designer's Hyderabadi home win the contest.(I know you love to see me happy!!)...and then, if you dint know AT already, I have opened a window to one of the most beautiful spaces in the Cyberworld.

So rush and do your thing!!

PS: you have to register (for free) to vote...it only takes a minute...(hardly!!)...so rush and vote


  1. Wow Sudha! Thank you so much! You guys are all so supportive and so amazing! Chaala thanks Sudha! (Still learning the language ) :-)

  2. oh lovely Sudha.. I've voted as well..


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